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October 10, 2004

Speaking of Celebrating

The Yankees are celebrating but probably not too much since the upcoming series with Boston promises to be one of the classics.

It was another Yankee come from behind victory with them tying the game with four runs, including Sierra's three run shot, in the eighth. Then on to the 11th where A-rod hit a double, stole third and scored on a wild pitch.

Meanwhile the hometown Astros hope to celebrate today by beating the Braves. Former Yankee Ace (yeah I know he pitched for someother teams) Roger Clemens (who has lied about his age and is really forty nine) will take the mound on three days rest to try and bring Houston its first ever playoff series win. With any other pitcher I would be worried about three days rest but the Rocket is not just any other pitcher. I am still worried just not as much.
This is just another chapter in the career of one of the most remarkable players of my lifetime. If he doesn't stop pitching after this season they may have to change the rules and vote him into the Hall of Fame while he is still active.

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