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June 14, 2003

Prairie Sunrise

Gratuitous Garden Pic
In the gardening biz a lot of times it is easy come easy go. I took this picture yesterday of this Prairie Sunrise rose which we planted just last week. I was very surprised that it was pink since the earlier picture I had posted from the plant at the nursery was apricot. Two things could be possible, perhaps it changed color as the bloom aged which is not uncommon in roses, or perhaps it was a sport which is a lot less common. A sport is basically a genetic mutation. Almost all roses are propagated from cuttings and therefore should be genetically identical to the plant from which the cutting came. Sometimes it does not turn out that way and if the new rose breeds true in later cuttings you have a sport, a new type of rose, very cool. I will have to wait a while to find out however since something decided to invade the garden and nibble on this one and its neighbor. It looks like it will survive but not by much.

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