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June 21, 2003

Harry Potter The mailwoman brought

Harry Potter
The mailwoman brought our copy of Harry Potter today direct from Amazon.
The kid is busy on Furcadia so she is reading it while she plays, nothing like multi-tasking. I remember when the first to books were going great guns she didn't want to read it because everyone else at school was. I bought it anyway and read her the first one. I got as far as the part where all the letter to Harry were coming into the house through every opening they could find and she was hooked, so was I actually. By the time the third one came out she grabbed it before I could open it, same thing with the last one.

I really have no idea how this game is supposed to work but the value of this blog is going up like I wish my real stocks would. There are no shares available at the present time and those which I bought at $0.40 are now worth $39.35. I guess I will figure it out someday.

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