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July 21, 2003

Liberal Bias in the Media

Liberal Bias in the Media
If there ever was a case to demonstrate liberal bias in the media this story would certainly stand out as a prime example. The article details the non-story of Americans who have decided to move to Canada. Why is this a non-story you might ask? The article is 25 paragraphs long but the real story emerges only in part of paragraph 17.

But every year since 1977, more Canadians have emigrated to the United States than vice versa -- the 2001 figures were 5,894 Americans moving north, 30,203 Canadians moving south.

We have an entire article devoted to people leaving the US for Canada when not only has this been happening for years but the number of people moving to the US from Canada is over five times as many.
Don't expect to see the liberal media do a story on the vastly larger number of Canadians moving south because it doesn't fit into their template.
These media zombies are so anti-american it just makes me sick.

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