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August 08, 2003

Arnold's Strategery

Time to stick my neck out a little and not get it chopped off.
I think Arnold is holding back.
He didn't want to wait until Saturday to file but because he declared on Wednesday it gives the Dems a chance to find someone to run against him.
Now he wants to appear weak until the filing date is past. He doesn't want the Dems to go ballistic and make Feinstein run against him.
His TV appearances today were window dressing. He is trying to make the powers that be overconfident. To what extent it is working it is hard to tell. Most of them flipped out when he declared. There are signs that it is working with some pundits. Let's see where he is and what he is saying by this time next week.
Arnold didn't get where he is by being dumb. I would no more underestimate him than GWB. The Dems do so at their peril.
It should be an interesting few days.
An interesting and probably dirty election.

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