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August 29, 2003

Microsoft Day

I could write a large post about all the neat things I learned from Microsoft yesterday but frankly a lot of it was boring. I am a geeky, technical kind of guy and the two day sessions I went to were really for Microsoft partners. If I was more into selling or had a partner who was Microsoft offers some really nice tools and support to people who sell Microsoft stuff.
I learned that I could now set up new machines in less than an hour when it used to take 4 hours. I know where I can get to Microsoft private newsgroups but most of all I was wrong in saying they don't give away decent things anymore. It seems I will be getting a free copy of Windows 2003 small business server when it is released. In case you don't know it will retail for over $1,000, which is not bad for a days work.

The user group was more to my liking intellectually but since I am an officer of the group I spent most of my time doing things other than listening to the presenters (sigh).

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