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April 25, 2005

Lions and Terrorists

I was reading this piece written by Glenn and linked to in today's big blog when I got this insight that there is a lot in common with the people who would save the Cougars with those who would have us not kill terrorists both before and since 9/11.

Take this quote from the original article posted on 11/05/2003.

In the end, of course, people started to be eaten, and the bureaucracy woke up to a degree. There's lots of interesting stuff in Baron's book about ecological change, and the folly of seeking "wilderness" without recognizing humanity's role in nature, but to me the most interesting behavior isn't the predatory nature of the cougars -- which are, after all, predators -- but the willful ignorance of human beings. So many were so invested in the notion that by thinking peaceful thoughts they could will into existence a state of peaceful affairs that they ignored the evidence right in front of them, which tended to suggest that cougars were quite happy to eat anything that was juicy, delicious, and unlikely to fight back.

It is in the natures of bullies be they the local kind or the terrorist kind to be the way they are just as it is cougars to be cougars.

They are both a type of predator and there is no future in being nice to them just in dealing with them before they eat us

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