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January 25, 2006

The Price of Being Nice

A while ago we had a moma cat invade our garage. We didn't know it was a moma until several weeks later we found 4 kittens. The moma disappeared one day and we have been taking care of the kittens since.
One we found dead one day in the back part were we run the dogs. We assumed the dogs had gotten to it.

This morning I couldn't sleep so I gave up aroun 4:45 got dressed and let the dogs out as I usually do. After a few minutes I heard the dogs making noises so I got my flashlight and went out back to see that they had gotten one of the kittens up a tree. Just as I got there the kitten fell down and they pounced on it.
I tried to pull them off and ended up on the ground. My slippers came off and I continued to try and pull them off barefoot. Finally I got the smaller dog, who is for some reason the more vicious off, and the larger one came to my command. I pulled the smaller one into the house by the collar and went looking for the cat but I couldn't find him which I suppose is good.

I hope he is in better shape then I am. This happened about 20 or more minutes ago and I am still short of breath. My right leg and ankle feel like they have been twisted into some new shape and my arms don't feel so good either.

I hope the cat is ok.

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