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October 19, 2008

The Conservative Cocoon

In between sightseeing I have been following an exchange between Mark Steyn and Ross Douthat and Ross again about Elites opposed populism.

If you want to follow it in order go to the first Ross post then Steyn and then to Ross's latest.

First off I want to say that this sort of thing is good and shows that we are still a vibrant party where we can disagree in public and still be civil. We have not descended to the depravity of the left where descent is not to be tolerated and any deviation must be punished by putting the offender in stocks or worse.

We are a big tent and to remain we it is important that we here from both sides of the tent even if we don't agree with them. We agree with a strong America, smaller government and freedom for all.
Almost all of us (Mr. Buckley not included) have issues with some of what John McCain stands for but are in agreement that whatever a McCain presidency would look like it would be much better than the alternative.

We need everyone. John McCain and Sarah Palin are not going to have all the answers be it with Katie Couric or Vlad Putin but that is what we have advisors for. What we need from our President and Veep is the ability to look at all sides, listen to them and make the decisions that are in America's best interests.
I don't think this is something that Obama will be able to do because he is took wrapped up in the establishment and special interests. He had never shown the ability or inclination to throw off their chains and the hope that this will suddenly change when he is president is the height of folly.

Time is running short but it is not too late for us to all pull together and talk not about what divides us but about what we share in common.

Let us stop fighting ourselves for the moment and focus on the real opponent

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