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June 30, 2003

Light Blogging Alert Since my

Light Blogging Alert
Since my daughter has already finished it and my wife is several hundred pages ahead of me I am taking the opportunity of her being online to read some of the latest Harry Potter book.

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Quote of the Day Amanda

Quote of the Day

Amanda Bonner: What I said was true, there's no difference between the sexes. Men, women, the same.
Adam Bonner: They are?
Amanda Bonner: Well, maybe there is a difference, but it's a little difference.
Adam Bonner: Well, you know as the French say...
Amanda Bonner: What do they say?
Adam Bonner: Vive la difference!
Amanda Bonner: Which means?
Adam Bonner: Which means hurrah for that little difference.

Adam's Rib - 1949

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June 29, 2003

He just won't go away

He just won't go away
Once again we have to read what our former president Bill Clinton thinks about something. Chances are like the song that is playing we will have to put up with this until the day he dies.
Current Song: Bad Company - Bad Company

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June 28, 2003

Another New Toy

Another New Toy
I spent most of the afternoon using my new mower to cut the grass down to size. I did about half the yard.
Before that I took my other new toy back to Microcenter because it wouldn't work on my USB port. It did work on their's so I guess I am stuck with it. I will have to try in on another computer.
Current Song: Oh Well - Fleetwood Mac

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June 27, 2003

New Toy

New Toy
I bought a new toy yesterday when I was in Microcenter loading up on their bargain books. It is called a jumpdrive. It is a USB flash drive made by Lexar but with a twist. It doesn't have any memory itself but I can insert the memory sticks I use in my camera (or two other types of memory) and read them as if it was another hard drive. It was only $20 and seemed like a good deal. I will let you know if it doesn't work.
Current Song: King of Pain - The Police

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SBC and Pictures I was

SBC and Pictures
I was just checking on my SBC web space that came with my DSL account as an alternative to store pictures until I can figure out why my ftp is not working. I talked, well chatted really with their online service where I found out that it can't do what I want it to do. What it does is create an album that I can link to, what a waste. So just so I would be using the thing I created an album for all my pictures from my trip to NYC in May, about 124 of them taking up 100mb. Right now I am looking at it and it seems to have crashed after only 20mb. I hope there is an alternative to SBC when my contract runs out in January.
Current Song: Songs from the Wood - Jethro Tull

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Guns and things I had

Guns and things
I had one of my monthly computer user group meetings today so I didn't get back home till quite late.
Prior to that I stopped at the head hunter who asked me to come down and fill out some forms only to find out that the final decision on this position would not be made until Friday.
I had some time to kill (pun intended) between the two so I exited the parking lot we refer to as the Katy freeway and stopped by a gun shop for about 45 minutes. So much to see and such a hard choice to make. I think I know what I want to get for a carry gun but they didn't have it in black which is what I want. I know they make them in black because my local pawn shop had a black one. I have not been getting used things (like cars) for a while but guns seem bit different so I might reconsider.

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June 26, 2003

Quote of the Day This

Quote of the Day

This was supposed to be yesterday's quote of the day but Blogger seems to have eaten it somehow.

Somehow liberals have been unable to acquire from life what conservatives seem to be endowed with at birth: namely, a healthy skepticism of the powers of government agencies to do good.

Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan (1927-2003)

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June 25, 2003

Hot Stuff The temp. with

Hot Stuff
The temp. with the heat index has been around 105 the last few days. Love that Houston weather. I live about 30 miles north of Houston and usually it is a few degrees hotter in my back yard. Thankfully due to the generosity of Microsoft and other software and hardware vendors I have an almost inexhaustible supply of T-shirts of which I have been using between two and three every day.

Current Song: She Came in Through the Bathroom Window - The Beatles

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Moving right along I might

Moving right along
I might find out if I have a new job tomorrow, I am keeping my fingers crossed.
What I have not been able to do still is upload any pictures to my ftp site even though I broke down and called tech support. Unluckily I called late, got right through but the person I was talking to was not real sharp.
I also might be offered a job in Dallas for a few months so throwing caution to the wind I blew out one of my last remaining credit cards and bought a new riding mower for $1050. When you almost step on a dog you really need to get the lawn mowed.

Current Song: Candy's Room (Live) - The Boss

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Happy Hannukah! For a happy

Happy Hannukah!
For a happy holiday smile check out Adam Sandler's Hannukah Song.
Link from the Israeli Guy

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Quote of the Day Sy

Quote of the Day

Sy Parrish: Nobody takes a picture of something they want to forget.

One Hour Photo - 2002

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June 24, 2003

At some point this will

At some point this will have a picture but my ftp site is not being cooperative for a change.
Gratuitous Garden Pic
This is a picture I took this morning of the Eutin in my main rose bed in the backyard. We bought this last year from Chamblee's which has given us some great roses mail order in the last few years. It doesn't have any fragrance but sure looks good at times like this and is a repeat bloomer. We had some trouble with this entire bed last year but over the winter the wife had a great idea about covering the entire bed in deer netting. So far it is working pretty well. The plant is supposed to get only 3 feet high which means it is now about a big as it will get. It was introduced in 1940 by Kordes, a well known German rose hybridizer.

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More Housekeeping I started playing

More Housekeeping
I started playing with Blogger to republish my archives in a monthly format. I think I got it working but the index page doesn't work so I just have them listed in the sidebar.

Current Song: Madmen across the Water - Elton John

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Scary story John at the

Scary story
John at the Right Wing News relates a true story about a conversation he had. It is so scary yet so real. If you ever wonder how people can believe the BS that the Dems shovel out read this. An uneducated citizen is our country's greatest danger.

Current Song: Little Richard Medley - Delaney & Bonnie & Friends

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Future Blogger Go give a

Future Blogger
Go give a big congrats to Ellen for delivering the newest addition to the blogosphere.

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June 23, 2003

Starhawk breaks boycott Yes it

Starhawk breaks boycott
Yes it is true. I was in my favorite adult beverage store and saw a bottle of good Remy Martin that was so cheap that I bought it before I remembered it is a product of France. I am going to open in right now and enjoy it. Heck as cheap as they were selling it the boycott must be having some effect.

Current Song: In My Room - The Beach Boys

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Should have been a Superstar

Should have been a Superstar
One of the biggest losses the music business has had was Jim Croce who died from non self inflicted injuries at the height of his career. I don't think he had anywhere to go but up and could have been a superstar of the first degree.

Current Song: Big, Bad Leroy Brown - Jim Croce

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Housekeeping I have been doing

I have been doing some housekeeping and I found out something very interesting. It seems I didn't post any garden pictures during the month of May. I didn't realize it but I guess it took me a while to recover from my trip to NYC which if you didn't know was to see the unveiling of my father's headstone. I intend at some point to make these all accessible as well as all the Quote's of the Day but that is a bigger job.
I also added some links to the sidebar.

Current Song: Beware of Darkness - George Harrison

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Watering I watered some the

I watered some the roses today because they were the ones we planted recently and they had been nibbled by something. Having done that it is of course now raining.

Job Hunting
I had to drive into Houston today, not downtown but in the city limits, and I got calls from two headhunters as I was driving. One about a job in Dallas the other wanted to know about how good I was with Crystal Reports, as I was trying to not hit the car in front of me. I drew a blank until I got to a red light. I really hate working with Crystal in a big way and I have in the past so I know what I am talking about but in these days a job is a job.

Current Song: Radar Love - Golden Earring

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June 22, 2003

Quote of the Day Gordon

Quote of the Day

Gordon Gekko: It's not a question of enough, pal. It's a zero sum game, somebody wins, somebody loses. Money itself isn't lost or made, it's simply transferred from one perception to another.

Wall Street - 1987

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Blogshares One of these days

One of these days I will figure out this Blogshares games, but not today. I was over reading Laurence's site where he was offering to give away shares in Amish so I decided to spend some time figuring it out.I have been interested in the market since I was a kid but this still makes little sense to me. Eventually since there were no shares available in Freedom Lives I issued 2,000 more at the current price of $39 to see what would happen. What happened was someone bought the shares very shortly after I issued them and now the price is over $100. Not bad since I bought mine at 0.40 but I can't figure out how it is supposed to work.
In a real market when you increase your outstanding shares by 40% the price should go down not triple. I wish my IRA's would do that.

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June 21, 2003

Sir Thomas Lipton

Gratuitous Garden Pic
For some reason the FTP started working again today. I have only been doing software for 20 years so I have no idea what is going on but either I fixed something or they did.
Anyhow here is a picture of the king of my garden Sir Thomas Lipton.
The Lipton is a Rugosa which are known for being very hardy. After our success with this one I bought 4 or 5 more different Rugosas the next year, all of which died. This one however is eight feet high by eight feet wide. It is a repeat bloomer and is fragrant.
We took some cuttings the year before last and had good results but all the babies save one were deer food. If we ever get a greenhouse we will probably take more since we obviously have lots of raw material to work from.
On second thought it might be ten feet wide. Somewhere in there is a bird's nest too.

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Name Change As I have

Name Change
As I have said before I am planning to move to my own domain at some point in the future, probably as soon as I start working again. I am working on a redesign and possibly a name change. Anyone wanting to makes suggestions feel free to e-mail or IM me.

Current Song: Pulling Mussels from a Shell - Squeeze

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Harry Potter The mailwoman brought

Harry Potter
The mailwoman brought our copy of Harry Potter today direct from Amazon.
The kid is busy on Furcadia so she is reading it while she plays, nothing like multi-tasking. I remember when the first to books were going great guns she didn't want to read it because everyone else at school was. I bought it anyway and read her the first one. I got as far as the part where all the letter to Harry were coming into the house through every opening they could find and she was hooked, so was I actually. By the time the third one came out she grabbed it before I could open it, same thing with the last one.

I really have no idea how this game is supposed to work but the value of this blog is going up like I wish my real stocks would. There are no shares available at the present time and those which I bought at $0.40 are now worth $39.35. I guess I will figure it out someday.

Current Song: After the Love - Culture Club

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Only Bad choices I went

Only Bad choices
I went out back and noticed that the grass was getting pretty high, except for the little bit I managed to trim with the push mower before I almost passed out from the heat.
I have to choose this week between fixing my old mower cheaply ($600), fixing it the right way ($800) or buying a new one (at least $1100),
There are no good choices since I can't afford any of them.

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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday
I knew it was coming up but not exactly when. I checked the day before yesterday and I am pleased to report that I started this blog exactly one year ago today. It has been an amazing year in the world and I am still not sure where the blog is going. I am still enjoying doing this so I guess it will continue for a while.

I added an Amber Alert ticker to the site. I am not sure about the placement but I couldn't fit it on the sidebar.

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June 20, 2003

Quote of the Day Ann:

Quote of the Day

Ann: If it were raining hundred dollar bills out, you'd be looking for a dime you lost somewhere!

Meet John Doe - 1941

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Are Conservatives Stupid I have

Are Conservatives Stupid
I have often wondered about this. Not if they are but why liberals think they are. I noticed this usually after talking to my sister who is as liberal as they come after living in NYC her whole life and going to college in Boston. Post on this topic at the Weekend Pundit from a link at Rebel Yell which I found on the Acidman

Current Song: Just Like this Train - Joni Mitchell

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Useless Web Service I just

Useless Web Service
I just walked outside to enjoy the night air and sit for a while only to find it raining. Retreating into the house I sat down at the computer to check the Weather channel which showed clear skies in the Houston area.

Current Song: Smoke on the Water - Deep Purple

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WTC Rebuild In case you

WTC Rebuild
In case you are wondering if anything is going on the answer is yes.
First they have decided to tear 130 Liberty down because of damage it sustained on 9/11. Actually the damage was fixable but the building is now infested with mold and that is not as easy to fix as brick and mortar.

There is also a little bit of a disagreement as to who will be in charge between Libeskind and the leaseholder Silverstein. There are groups that are rallying around to save Libeskind's vision of how the site should look.
Some of the proposed changes might make it look like this.
Opps ,still can't upload to my ftp site so you will have to go to the story to see the pictures.

Current Song: The City - Fleetwood Mac

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Local blogger makes the big

Local blogger makes the big time
Houston's own Laurence Simon makes the print media in Salt Lake City on his findings on Sen. Hatch's Web site. The only thing that pisses me off is that they didn't give a link to Amish Tech Support which they obviously could have since they linked to Hatch's site.

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EU and Aids The old

EU and Aids
The old saying is "Put your money where your mouth is". That is exactly what GWB did with his AIDS pledge. He shifted the attention to the EU where Bono and Geldof think the EU should match our 1 billion pledge. It seems that the EU can't hack it because of "budget problems". We all have budget problems.
I love this quote:

Lucy Matthew, director of Data Europe, said: "Europe's leaders don't want America to dictate the world's agenda, but they're unwilling to pay the price of leadership themselves on this. They can't accept the sheer gravity of the Aids emergency because collectively they don't want to pay the bill.

Bush has showed them up for what they are, all talk and no action.
Current Song: One - U2 (No I didn't plan it that way, just lucky I guess)

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June 19, 2003

Music I case you are

I case you are wondering I don't pick the songs that are playing. I let Winamp pick them from the 3700+ mp3's and my entire CD collection which I fed into the computer. Got to do something with all those gigabytes.
Current Song: You Cried Wolf - Todd Rundgren

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Deadly Force I was driving

Deadly Force
I was driving to the post office early today and I heard on the radio that in Texas you may use deadly force to protect property.
I didn't remember that from my CHG course so I emailed my instructor even though I am sure it is in my book somewhere but i was lazy and didn't want to go look for it.
She emailed me back that yes you can do that in Texas but it is not advisable since it is getting harder and harder to defend in court and you will be in court if you kill someone for stealing your stuff.
I got to get down to the range soon, it has been a while and I am getting rusty. I am certain that Rachel and especially Kim would not approve if they knew how long it has been since I last went through a few boxes of shells.
Current Song: Within you without you - The Beatles

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Fire It seems like there

It seems like there are more Iranian protesters setting themselves on fire. I never understood it when they were doing it in Nam during the 60's and I undertand it less now. If they like to play with fire so much they should be setting Mullahs on fire.

Still no ftp
It looks like I won't be posting any pictures tonight. I am not going to worry about it and I am certainly not going to call tech support and stay on hold for 10-30 minutes(if I am lucky). I am going to do something else and hope it gets better by itself.
I think I will just turn the music up and enjoy it.
Current Song: The Voice - The Moody Blues

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Nice Day I had a

Nice Day
I had a nice relaxing day with the kid and wife. We drove around to a few places, looked at some things we might be able to afford some day when I start working again had lunch out and enjoyed a typically warm Texas afternoon.
Then I came home and tried to start my mower. It started ok but it seems to have forgotten how to self propell itself. There is nothing fun about trying to mow an acre with a push mower in 90 degree weather,
Current Song: Layla

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Back I have been having

I have been having various computer problems both on my end and while trying to load pictures to my ftp site. I fixed my end and I will try the ftp soon.
Its not like I don't have enough other problems that are turning my head to mush, I needed a few more.
Current Song: Gypsy - Fleetwood Mac

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June 18, 2003

Anti-Semitism Good post and links

Good post and links from Meryl and a good oped by Mayor Rudy in the Times, which means you have to register to read it.

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More on Iran In the

More on Iran
In the National Post and in the New York Post

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Another Mover Silflay hraka has

Another Mover
Silflay hraka has moved to Movable type and a new domain. Sidebar will be updated soon.

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June 17, 2003

Kittens do the Darnest things

Kittens do the Darnest things
I guess he was looking for food. He seems to have the right idea on where food can be found.

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Gratuitous Garden Pic
This is a close up of the Ballerina we picked up a few years ago on a trip to the Antique Rose Emporium in Brenham. It is a Hybrid Musk that is supposed to get 5 to 6 feet in height. Ours is only about 4 1/2 but it has been munched on by the deer once or twice. It is a repeat bloomer but does not have any scent.

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He's Back. The Vodkapundit, Stephen

He's Back.
The Vodkapundit, Stephen Green is back and he agrees with me that we might see some bloodshed in Iran before long.

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June 16, 2003

More Misc. I started a

More Misc.
I started a garden journal to track what I do. I almost started a blog to keep track of it but decided to hold off on that until I see if I can keep up with the journal, heck it is hard enough just to keep up with the blog.

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Odds and Ends I called

Odds and Ends
I called my mother and told her to buy a mega-millions ticket. If that is not getting desperate what is.
My daughter agreed to feed the cats of a friend of hers who lives in the subdivision. They have lots of cats both indoors and out. I took her over there to get a run down on what she had to do, at which point we found out that not only did they have cats but a bird, a couple of fish, 5 chickens, 2 pigs and a turkey. I thought our 4 dogs and 2 cats was bad, it only shows how wrong you can be,
I have this product called liquid fence that I bought in order to deter the deer and other varmints from munching on the roses. I sprayed it on everything so of course it rained. I sprayed the next day and it rained again. The weather report says we will actually have rain for the next few days so I stopped spraying. The rain should be good for the roses as long as they don't get eaten.
I went shopping at Lowes today and didn't buy anything. I found out I could replace my entire garage door for $340 installed. I was quoted over $200 to fix the old one. Another $200 will buy me a new opener also installed. For a nifty $1100 I can buy a new ridding mower which certainly seems to make more sense than fixing the old John Deere for $800. I wish I was working because this all would make more sense in that context.
I called an electrical contractor about replacing a outlet that is shorting and was quoted $100. The local paper gave me the number of a handy man who will be here day after tomorrow to fix it for $35.
The kid stayed up last night or so she told me. She said she gave up trying to get to sleep at 4:30. She is so much like me sometimes it is scary.

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June 15, 2003

Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day

Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.

Martin Luther King Jr.

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Iran Things are happening in

Things are happening in Iran pretty much the way I predicted many months ago (no I don't have a link to it, trust me). Leaders in Iran are blaming the US for stirring up the protests. I have no doubt that we do have covert operations ongoing in Iran, if we don't the CIA is even more useless that many think. If the mullahs and their regime was liked however nothing we or anyone else could say or do would make any difference.
As I predicted the mullahs and their followers have started to beat protesters, which will not work. At some point very soon there is going to be a blowup and a few (hopefully) or many Iranians will end up dead. This will trigger bigger and more violent protests that could lead to bringing the government down. Someone over there understands this because some of the radicals that had invaded the college dorms have been arrested. If they are able to keep the violence level down and let the protesters let off some steam things might blow over for a while. If people start getting killed we are going to start hearing calls for the US to intervene, ok not the US but the UN certainly.
In the end Iran's terror regime will fall, two down one to go.

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June 14, 2003

Prairie Sunrise

Gratuitous Garden Pic
In the gardening biz a lot of times it is easy come easy go. I took this picture yesterday of this Prairie Sunrise rose which we planted just last week. I was very surprised that it was pink since the earlier picture I had posted from the plant at the nursery was apricot. Two things could be possible, perhaps it changed color as the bloom aged which is not uncommon in roses, or perhaps it was a sport which is a lot less common. A sport is basically a genetic mutation. Almost all roses are propagated from cuttings and therefore should be genetically identical to the plant from which the cutting came. Sometimes it does not turn out that way and if the new rose breeds true in later cuttings you have a sport, a new type of rose, very cool. I will have to wait a while to find out however since something decided to invade the garden and nibble on this one and its neighbor. It looks like it will survive but not by much.

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To Kill a Mockingbird

Quote of the Day

Atticus Finch: If you just learn a single trick, Scout, you'll get along a lot better with all kinds of folks. You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view...Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.

To Kill a Mockingbird - 1962

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Hillary Book Sales

It seems to me we have heard a lot about the books' first days sales but nothing about the second and third day, is it possible that sales have fallen off a cliff?

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June 13, 2003

Antoine Rivoire

Gratuitous Garden Pic
Usually roses look a lot better the second or third year after planting. That is not to say that they can't give you nice blooms the first year. As an example take this Antoine Rivoire that we planted just a few months ago. It is an older Hybrid Tea shrub rose dating back to 1895.
It is a repeat bloomer and has a tea scent.

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I did it again

The kid tells me that everytime I water it rains. I watered all the fruit trees today and all the roses in the back and guess what, it is pouring, perhaps she knows what she is talking about.

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June 12, 2003

A True Loss During the

A True Loss
During the Sixies when I was growing up in NYC we watched the evening news every night, we watched channel 4, we watched Huntley and Brinkley.
I grew up with David Brinkley and he has always been the TV person I have most respected. I never spent much time watching Sunday morning shows until he started This Week.
He was at his best during the numerous Conventions and Elections that he covered better than anyone since.
I love this quote.

One favorite topic was an announcement by the IRS on how they planned to collect taxes in the wake of a nuclear war.

"It says in areas of the country hardest hit, delinquent taxpayers will be given a little extra time. Otherwise, taxes will be collected as usual," he said.

RIP David Brinkley

Current Song: Reeling in the Years

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