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October 31, 2003

Happy Halloween

Just got back from taking the kid trick or treating.
Let me tell you there are some things that are so much easier when you are living in an apartment building.

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Back to School

I had some very serious job hunting discussions with the wife and we decided that I should try to get my Microsoft certification in VB.Net.
I can't afford a classroom session (about $1700) but I shelled out $200 for Transender test prep software and I already have some books that will be helpful.

Some people can pick up stuff real well from just reading the books but that has never been my strong point. Usually I have to work with it, fight with, read the books and then I know it pretty well.

It might not help since most people are asking for work experience but it couldn't hurt.

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October 30, 2003

Great Day

This is one of the those great fall days that we in Houston put up with the summer heat to get to. It is partly sunny and 85.

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More Swords

Ted complained that he couldn't judge the scale and suggested I add a CD case for comparison. I wasn't really happy with the other pictures since the reflective nature of the blades did not show up. So I took them outside and tried again.

I had better luck this time. Witchking on the left is 49 inches long and Glamdring on the right is 46 inches long. They are both fairly heavy.


Update: We go back to the Ren Fair on the last weekend and I think I am going to have to pickup Sting to complete the set.

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October 29, 2003

Wifi Gridlock in 2004

Here is a problem I hadn't considered but if you live in an apartment building and 3 or 4 or the people in nearby apartments (same floor or up and down) have Wifi you may have a problem.
My next door neighbor has wifi, in fact I helped him install it, but since his house ia a good 200 feet from mine we don't have any problems at all.

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Ronald Reagan

If we lose freedom here [in America], there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on Earth.

President Ronald Reagan October 27, 1984

Anime Quiz

You're A Hero!
You live to save the world! You are honest, true,
and always victorious! You may not always get
the girls/boys, but all you really want to do
is battle the bad guys.

What Type Of Anime Character Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Update: If you don't know who the picture is his name is KENSHIN from the series RUROUNI KENSHIN which is one of my daughter's and mine favorites. It shows on the cartoon network on Saturday nights at 11pm eastern.

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I Love Zell Miller

There are not many Dems who have their heads on the right way but Zell shows he still has the stuff as today he says he will endorse Bush.

The next five years "will determine the kind of world my children and grandchildren will live in," Miller said in an interview. And he wouldn't "trust" any of the nine Democratic presidential candidates with governing during "that crucial period," he said. "This Democrat will vote for President Bush in 2004

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More Idiocy

Then there is this story, of how while California burns the National Guard is prevented from using C-130's outfitted to fight fires because they might interfere with the private sector.


Will someone please wake up these assholes to the fact that people are dying and houses are being burned while they quibble about turf.

As an added benefit our ever helpful US Senate refused to pass a bill that the house passed that would bring some common sense to times like this.

The Senate is in need of major reform.

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Col. to be Court Martialed

This is just plain wrong.
The guy did not torture anyone just scared him a little and got information that probably saved the lives of men under his command.
They should give this guy a medal.

Someone should get the message to the Pentagon idiots that we are in a war and it is time to get serious about fighting it.

Update: Stoney agrees with me.
I knew he was a smart guy.

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Iraq and the Red Cross

Michael Totten has a good post on Why they Hate us. As always with Michael's blog the comments should be read too as they are very enlightening.
On this one our old friend Diana Moon, who last time I saw her comments had vowed never to comment here again, is once again commenting and apparently off her meds again. This time she is yelling at eveyrone that they don't even know who Michael Aflaq is even though she doesn't enlighten anyone as to who he is or why he might be important. She does this several times basically yelling it to Michael even though a search of his site will reveal that he had blogged on Aflaq in August.
I am mostly sorry that she doesn't blog anymore but when I read rants like this I think that perhaps it is for the best.

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October 28, 2003

Too Much Free Time

In between calling people and sending out resume's I thought it would be interesting to see what would happen if I added a little Dawn to my new fountain.
As you can see it was not one of my best ideas.

dawn dragon

I really need to get a job soon !!!

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New Blog Showcase

This weeks winner of the New Blog Showcase has some interesting thoughts on the process.

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I have added some javascript to the side bar that indicates my position in the TTLB's Ecosystem. I believe I am a Slithering Reptile at the moment but it changes a lot.
Thanks to the Orange Haired boy for helping to add this feature to TTLB.

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From the Ren Fair

I am working on a little photo essay of this weekends trip to the Ren Fair. In the meantime here are the new toys I was able to get as a bonus for purchasing the one ring.
This is the sword of the Witchking.
It looks a lot better but I have been having trouble with getting a good photo which I think is due to the highly reflective blade surface.


This one is Gandalf's sword Glamdring.

My guests had such a good time that they decided to gift me with this desktop fountain that I took a fancy to and is now sitting on my bar.
I think they were much too kind.

Needless to say but despite the rain a grand time was had by all.

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October 27, 2003

Mideast Peace

The idiocy of entertainment types is about to hit a new high or low depending on your view.

Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston and Danny Devito think they can suceed where generations of diplomats have failed.

I think we should let them give it a shot, heck they can't do a whole lot worse than the "pros" have done. At the very least it might educate some of these show biz types about what goes on in the real world.

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Fair update

I still have to take my weekend guests to the airport today so I will be busy very shortly. When I get back I will post some pictures from this weekend's Texas Ren Fair.

Despite the rain on Saturday and the colder than normal weather on Sunday a great time was had by all.

I also have some new toys including a fountain sitting on my bar.

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New Cul de sac

Kelley is back from Venom land and has a new Cul-de-sac up.
She is tested a new format this week. She is covering fewer blogs but do each in more depth.

Still a good way to check out what is going on with other bloggers.

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World Championship

After an exhusting weekend at the Texas Ren Fair from which I am still recovering I found this link about the World RPS Championship.

What's RPS you ask?

Why Rock, Paper Scissors of course.

It is really amazing what you can find on the web.

To achieve the lofty title of World RPS Champion, he threw a combination of rock-paper-paper, defeating his opponent's offering of three rocks.

The winner, Rob Krueger , is a canadian from Toronto.

For more info you can go to their web site here.

More coverage here and here.

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October 26, 2003

One Ring

There is a Pirate store at the Ren Fair that sells swords.
Every afternoon at 4pm for the last 4 years they have held a rather loud auction outside their shop.
On the last item today the captain held up this ring and asked who would give him $100 for it.
I was one of the lucky ones.
This is the ring I spent $100 dollars on today.


After we all agreed to pay $100 for the ring they "threw in", Glamdring and WitchKing (pictures to come), not a bad deal for $100 but that is the kind of auctions they hold.

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No Joy in Mudville

Yankees 0
Marlins 2

That is all I have to say about that.

On the bright side Ohio State did stomp on Indiana 35-6.

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October 25, 2003

Texas Ren Fair Day 1

It rained at the Ren Fair today but is wasn't complete loss. It stopped raining about 1:30 and the rest of the day was great if a bit muddy.
My wife and Al's wife both spent all their money on ren fair clothes and stuff to go along with it.

I spent $100 on a ring and what went with it.
More on that and pictures later.

There were also two weddings, pictures of one of those also.

Right now I have to run the Dogs and then off to dinner.

One nice thing about the rain was that it kept enough people away that when we left we were able to drive home in record time. Usually it takes a good hour just to get out of the parking lot if you leave when we did. Today we just drove right out.

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October 24, 2003

What's going on

Well the busy weekend has arrived early and this might be my last chance to post (yeah right).
Yesterday I went for an interview only to find out when I got there that is was for a job selling insurance. Not that I have anything against selling, it is just not for me.

Came home did a ton more cleaning and helped the kid with her geography project.

Relocated one of my lights out front, got bit by something, and the light refuses to come on in its new location. I took some Benedryl which wiped me out leading to an early bedtime.

I probably have to do some more last minute cleaning then off to the airport to pick up our guests for the weekend.

I will try to post some pictures from the Ren Fair after we get back Saturday.

If you had trouble getting on yesterday it is because we had a bit of an insta bounce from a post Jay made that Glenn linked to.

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October 23, 2003

New Blog Showcase

My pick for this week is Irreconcilable Musings which has a post on defending the Blogosphere.

Certainly something near and dear to all our hearts.

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More Office 2003

Jay Solo expands on my point about why upgrading to Office 2003 is not quite a no - brainer.

He also has a link to this post which I missed that should be read by anyone considering upgrading. After reading this I might not upgrade after all even if they are giving me a free copy.

This might be a good time to reflect that no one really gives anything away for free. There is always a catch but sometimes you just don't see it.

In my years as a bartender I was always aware of this with big tippers. No one gave me a $100 tip (once) because he liked the way I made an Ice Tea. He wanted something either from me or to impress someone else at the bar.

Microsoft is no different. When they start giving stuff away for free it is smart to look closely at what you are getting.

If you have not read Jay you should.

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October 22, 2003

Wrong Title

Citizen Smash links to this post about the hatred and stupidity of educated muslims and titles it Tread softly.

I think rather it should be titled "Shout it from the rooftops".

If we don't call them on their idiocy it will just continue.

It is a good post, read it. This is how it ends.

It really is us against them. Us and the Israelis and a few others against 1.6 billion zealots.

Get used to the idea.

Update: Read the comments too for more scary stuff.

Easterbrook and Anti-Semitism

The following is a comment I left on Citizen Smash's site in response to a comment by Dean Esmay. I have nothing to add to it at this time.

The thing about this is that Meryl didn't call Gregg an anti-semite.
What Gregg wrote was anti-semitic but if you read her post today I think she makes it clear that there are so many ways that people make anti-semitic comments sometimes in a offhand way(that's the really scary part) that we (and I don't mean just jews, everyone) have to take care to not let comments pass without chastising the source of said comments.
Comments that feed the anti-semitic template should be no more tolerated than the use of what we now call the N word.

Confederate Rose Hibiscus

We had two of these that we planted last year and they were both doing quite well until the deer got to one.
We hope it will come back in the spring but there is no telling.
For more information on this plant go here.


MS Office 2003 Rollout

I went to the Microsoft Office 2003 rollout today at the George R. Brown convention center.

Microsoft is getting really desperate with Office since a recent survey said that a significant number of people are still using Office 97.
I am one of those.
For the vast majority of computer users there is really not a compelling reason to move to Office 2003.
For corporate users there are features that are useful but it is a hard sell these days.

One sign of how desperate Microsoft is, is that everyone who attended is getting a free copy of Office 2003. Given that I am getting a free copy I might install it which I think is Microsoft's plan.

Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.

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October 21, 2003

Australian Tree Fern

This is one of two that the wife bought a couple of years ago. It dies out in the cold weather and comes back strong in the spring.
They started out about a foot tall and this one is now about 4 by 5.

It is supposed to get very big eventually.

She bought four more of these this year.

austrail Tree Fern

Job Fair

The job fair I went to was a joke.

It was at the Weston Galleria which is about an hours drive from my house. I got there plenty early, parked my car and bought some newspapers for my daughters school project.
Read the papers, went back to the car dropped them off and went to look for the ballroom where the fair was.

Did I say I was plenty early?

After about fifteen minutes of looking I finally figured out that I was in the wrong Westin hotel, they have two in the Galleria.

Did I say I was plenty early?

Rather than moving my car I decided to just walk through the mall to the other hotel which was probably the smartest thing I did that hour.

I got to the room where the job fair was being held and believe it or not, I was still early.

While waiting to get in the two guys behind me were talking. They were both IT guys like me and both had been to other jobs fairs. They said that most of the jobs were probably sales jobs and it didn't look like there was going to be anything happening in IT until after the New Year.
Not what I wanted to hear.

Finally they let us in and sure enough almost all the jobs were for sales people, or for customer service people behind the Hertz or Enterprise counters.

I left very depressed.

Listening to: Ball and Chain - Janis Joplin

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Meryl on Anti-Semitism

Meryl also has a good post about Anti-Semitism and she is right on as she usually is.

The casual Anti-Semitism is all around even in this country just as she says.
I have seen it and experienced it.

Googling Easterbrook

I got a mass of hits today. Well ok not a real mass but a lot for me and when I looked to find out why I found that for some reason Google had placed me fifth on "Gregg Easterbrook fired espn".
Very odd especially considering that Meryl who I picked it up from and linked to about it was only ranked 20th.

I have no idea how Google does things.

It is probably all for the best since it seems that Meryl is taking a lot of flack from Easterbrook fans.

Listening to: Let it Be - Paul McCartney and Paul Simon (Live)

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October 20, 2003

Big Change

Kim is making a big change in his life and blogging.

He has decided to stop his daily rants or at least limit them and to spend his time writing novels and essays.

I will miss his regular posts and insightful take on second amendment issues but I wish him well and I am glad that while he will be changing he won't be going away entirely.

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Confetti Lantana

One of the things I am able to take credit for in the garden was the intorduction of Lantana.
At first I got some gold lantana after watching a now defunct show on Saturday mornings on the Home and Garden Network.
More on gold tomorrow.

We have several types now this one having multi color flowers. Unlike the gold this one grow to bush size of 5 feet high by four feet across.

The plant, all of them, have an unpleasant aroma. On the positive side the deer hate them and leave them alone. They provide great color all through the summer till the first cold weather when they die off. They come back all by themselves in the spring and sometimes in places where you didn't plant them.
This bush is a good 50 feet from the ones we planted.

Another thing good about them is buttterflys love them.


Busy Week

This is going to be a busy week so I don't know how many posts I will get in but I still have lots of garden pictures to post.

Today I had bank business and lawyer business.

Tuesday I am going to a job fair, which I hate but at this point I need to not miss things like this.

Wednesday is the Microsoft office rollout.

While I am doing all this I will be helping the wife clean house since we have company flying in this weekend to go to the Renaissance Festival with us.
They are an old friend and his new wife and since they have never been to our house, Thursday and Friday there will be a lot of last minute cleaning going on.

I never did get around to posting pictures from last years fesitval except for a few but I will make up for that this year.

The Texas Ren fair is great fun and as a present, since we couldn't attend the wedding, we are treating them to the Feast on Sunday. The feast is something we have thought about going to several times in the past but have never actually done because of the cost, about $89 per person. So this is a great excuse and the last major thing I was able to put on my credit cards (sigh).

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October 19, 2003

Rat Pack

I have been seeing ads on TV for Rack Pack CD's and when I saw this at the Emperor's site I had to check it out.
I can't say that I don't like the way it came out.

There was a time when I didn't like Sinatra but as I get older I like him more.

Yanks 6 Marlins 0 in the 6th.

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High Hopes

This is another of the roses that is climbing on the fence. The way we did this was plant a rose on the outside of every post. Some of them have not made it.
Two did ok for a while then died. I think we have three open posts at the moment but one of them gets so much shade that I doubt we will be able to grow a rose on it.

This is actually the second High Hopes we had. The first was in the main rose garden and was the victim of deer we think. The nice people at Jackson and Perkins replaced it and we decided not to plant it in the same spot.
This one has been hit by deer also but it has managed to get big enough that its existence is no longer in question. It is about five feet high and 6 feet wide.


October 18, 2003

New Dawn

This is another of the older climbers that we have on the fence that goes around the dog run. I actually though we had lost this one and was surprised last year when I suddenly discovered long canes running along the fence.
This is another repeat bloomer, this picture is only a few days old.


Easterbrook Fired

According to Roger Simon, Gregg has been fired from his job at ESPN.

I agree with both him and Glenn (where I got the link) that this is gross over reaction on ESPN's part.

I agree with Glenn that this is probably a consquence of the Rush Limbaugh hassles that they went through.

Another way to look at it is that one of the people that Gregg's original post targeted was Michael Eisner and since ESPN is (I think) owned by Disney, well you can connect those dots yourself.

Update: It looks like I was way ahead of the curve on this one.
Glenn is reporting that both Jonah Goldberg and Rishawn Biddle have connected the dots, as I suggested, and agree with me that the Disney link is a lot more important than was first thought.

Far be it for me to toot my own horn but you heard it here first.

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More Easterbrook

The apology that Gregg Easterbrook made doesn't seem to have satisfied some people and Meryl is one of them.

I am another. I don't think it went far enough and and I suspect his motivation in the original post. Read Meryl for more info.

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October 17, 2003

Lace Cascade

This is one of the older roses in the garden. It is a large flower climber except that my blooms are never really that large. It blloms mainly in the spring but this recent shot shows that with enough rain it will still show off once the summer heat eases up.


Other Fans

Jane Galt is a Yankee fan too.

She doesn't go quite a far back as I do but when you get older that happens.

I guess I am really lucky that my dad took me to see games in the early 60's, especially 1961. I got to see my hero Mickey Mantle and well as the others of that legendary team. That was some season. I was already a fan but that year sealed me as a Yankee fan forever.

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Gregg Regrets

I linked to Meryl's post critical of Gregg Easterbook a few days ago.

I guess Gregg read it too because today he offers an apology.

Link Via the Instaguy.

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Presidential Trip

Jen has some pictures from the president's trip abroad and to California (is that redundant?).

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Yanks Win

Yanks 6
Sox 5
In 11 innings.

It was a very odd game for me.

I tried to get to sleep early. Gave up, checked the computer, only to see that they had tied the game. Ran to the TV to watch the end of the 8th and the entire 9th.
I turned it off at that point thinking they were probably doing better without me watching.

My sister called after the game. I was in bed but still wide awake. I knew it was her and knew they had won since she would not have called had they lost.

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October 16, 2003

Another Microsoft Day

I will be at another Microsoft event all day so blogging will be light until after the Yankee game.

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October 15, 2003

New Blogger Showcase

This week's selections from The New Blogger Showcase are She Who Will Be Obeyed and Barnga!.

Check them out.

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Garbage Day

Today is garbage day.
Due to recent events there was about 5 or 6 times as much garbage to take out as usual.
Some of it was a lot heavier than usual like a ton and a half of fishing mags.

As I was just managing to finish this job I noticed that one of the cats (moonlight the near kitten) had managed to knock over a small can of paint that was in the corner. I noticed this because this can, which my wife had assured me she had pounded shut, had leaked its entire contents onto my kitchen floor.

Luckily this is a water based latex so after using a lot of paper towels on my hands and knees I did clean it all up.

My back is killing me.

I am going to treat myself to breakfast and sit with a cigarette(s) and coffee(s).

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October 14, 2003

Easterbrook smackdown

Meryl takes aim at Gregg Easterbrook's recent post about Kill Bill when he makes a turn off the sanity scale.

That is one unbelievable ethical standard to hold Jews up to. That's right, the Jews have to be the most righteous among all nations, because six million of ours were slaughtered. Your logic is missing a crucial step here, though. The Jews weren't slaughtered in the Holocaust as a result of people reading the violent popular fiction of the day. The Jews were slaughtered because of bigotry and hatred.

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October 13, 2003

Microsoft backs Wifi

Microsoft today said it will add WPS (Wireless Provisioning Services ) to Windows XP and Server 2003.

This will aid both public and private Wifi services in connecting to hotspots.

Another article on this is here.

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Back to Normal

I dropped my SiL off at the airport this morning and it is time to get back to normal, well almost.

Still trying to track down my FiL's will. We were pretty sure his lawyer had it but his lawyer died three years ago. We called up the state bar and all the phone numbers they gave us were disconnected. Finally as we went through the things in his room we found a letter stating the name of a law office where all of his lawyer's papers had been transfered to. I called them this morning but they have to look through a lot of stuff and get back to me.

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October 12, 2003

The Princess Bride

The Instaguy watched the Princess Bride with his daughter today. That is my kind of guy. Yesterday I watched Anime with mine.

Buttercup: You mock my pain!
Westley: Life is pain, Highness! Anyone who says differently is selling something.

The Princess Bride - 1987

New Cul-de-Sac

Kelley is rushing to get ready for her trip to the land of Venomous Kate but she has still managed to get a new Cul-de-Sac posted.

I appear in the Science and Technology section which is fine even though it only is part of what I write about.

The Cul-de-Sac will be on Hiatus while she learns to hula.

Have a good trip Kelley, be safe, hurry back.

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New Blog Showcase

Before I get too far away on the other things going on like cleaning my father-in-laws room and taking the family out to dinner tonight.
I was just brought a box full of electrical things from the FiL's room and told it was my job to make sense of it.

Anyway back to the New Blogger Showcase.
I might add more later but for now I want to link to Say Anything which has a post on Sunday sensibilities which looks like blogspot ate the link somewhere.
He gets extra points for linking to the Yankees.

My second link is to the Kingdom of the Geeks, which has News from Baghdad.

Yeah I know the last link was sloppy but I am in a rush right now. Maybe I will come back and fix it up later.

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Glass half full

Yanks Win

Ohio State Loses

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October 11, 2003

Wizard of OZ

Some years ago my sister gave me the Ultimate Wizard of OZ boxed set VHS tape for a Christmas present. My sister in law wanted to watch it so we just finished seeing this movie for the zillionth time. It is still a great flick, expecially this quote.

Scarecrow: Some people without brains do an awful lot of talking.

Wizard of Oz - 1939

Book Signing

Glenn Beck was in town today doing a book signing for his new book The Real America.

It was only about 20 minutes from me so I went down and bought a copy and got it signed. I had to stand on line for an hour and 20 minutes and the line behind me was as long as it was when I got on when I finished.

I must be getting old or easily distracted since I was only able to read the first 20 or so pages while I waited. Not bad as far as I have gotten, fuller review when I finish it.

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October 10, 2003

Rush Enters rehab

At the end of his show today Rush Limbaugh admited to being hooked on prescription drugs.
He takes responsilbilty for his own actions which is certainly more than some others have done.

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Friday Five

I have never done this before but I guess there is a first time for everything.
That and I have to wait for the Dish network guy to upgrade my satelitte dish.
I missed him at 8am because my car took longer to get back than I thought it would. It's back now and of course it cost more than the estimate.

The Friday Five

1. Do you watch sports? If so, which ones?
Baseball and College Football

2. What/who are your favorite sports teams and/or favorite athletes?
The New York Yankess and the Ohio State Buckeyes

3. Are there any sports you hate?
Not really hate. Most I just ignore.

4. Have you ever been to a sports event?
Tons. The last one was last years Ohio State-Michigan game.

5. Do/did you play any sports (in school or other)? How long did you play?
Baseball , Golf and Tennis.
I couldn't play baseball in College because I had my apendix out.
I played a little golf and tennis in college.

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October 09, 2003

Dangers of WiFi

Since RJ had talked about my Wifi postings I thought I better at least post something.

This one looked perfect.

US Parents sue over WLAN school fears.

Some parents in Oak Park, Ill. are sueing the local school board because they installed WiFi in the school.
Next thing they will want to sue the sun because it causes their kids to have shadows.

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Blogger Roundup

Rocket Jones has another issue of Rocketing around the Blogosphere which is all well and good since Kelley missed her usual Cul-de-sac posting and is getting ready to get a dose of Hawaii venom.

RJ points out that I have been posting a lot of Wifi stuff so of course that is one if the topics I have not gotten back to today.

Sheesh, while I was writing this the Yanks scored two more runs.
That is great news, I guess I will have to post more.

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This is for the people of California. Arnold said it many times during the race and some of you younger readers may not know where it comes from. Get the DVD, it is really a great movie.

Howard Beale: I want you to go to the window, open it, stick your head out and yell: "I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!

Network - 1976

CDC study questions gun laws

This story is a few days old but I am catching up.

The CDC said the report suggests more study is needed, not that gun laws don't work. But the agency said it has no plans to spend more money on firearms study.

Did you ever notice that when a study says exactly what the jerks doing it want it to say that it is conclusive proof but when it comes out with an outcome they don't like that more study is needed.

Dear CDC,

The good part is that they are not going to waste anymore taxpayer money but I suspect the reason for that is that they are scared shitless that they will get the same results.

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Well it is about time

After all the Dems walked out of first one and then another redistricting session, it has disgusted me that the republicans still couldn't get the new maps agreed on in a timely fashion.

It looks like they have finally got their act together.

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Dow hits new High

The Dow has hit another 52 week high based on a good jobs reports.

I of course am not only still unemployed but I sold some stocks two weeks ago that have since gone up.

At least I had a profit on the stuff I sold.

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October 08, 2003


I was going to post about the funeral but I decided that it was a little bit too personal to go into too much detail.

One thing I did notice when we drove from the funeral home to the church and from the church to the graveyard.

The road we drove down was a two lane road with an apron on each side. As the procession traveled almost every car and truck in the opposing lane pulled over to the apron and stopped until we passed.
We were not a big procession. Going to the church it was just a sheriff, the hearse, our car and the car containing the K of C pallbearers. I thought it was really an amazing sign of respect from Texans to someone who had just died. Not a general, a senator or an actor. Just a ordinary guy who had passed on and they were showing respect. I felt very humbled.

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October 07, 2003

Trails and Tribulations

The present difficulties should be mostly cleared up on Thursday when regular posting will resume.

There might be an exception for the recall results and the American League which is going to be the Yanks vs. Boston.
I still am going with the Yanks but this may be a very emotional series.
I would have prefered the A's

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October 05, 2003

Yanks Advance

Yanks 8
Twins 1

I wasn't able to watch but it looks like Wells pitched a great game.

Update: More detailed info on the game is here.
Start reading here and scroll down.

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October 04, 2003

On a brighter note

Yanks 3
Twins 1

Yankess take a 2-1 lead in the series.

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When it rains it pours

Ever wonder where that term comes from?
How about this story.

I left early today with my next door neighbor to pick up my father-in-laws pickup and camper from where he had left it at the lake.

We left early, we got there, packed everything up and headed home.

I followed him all the way until we were about one mile from my house when my car died.

After AAA hauled me to an open station I was informed that my timing chain was gone. In the process of going it had screwed up two valves which will require major work.

Bottom line I will be carless for several days and after that poorer by as much as a grand.

I still don't have job.

Do I have hope? Sure, I have not checked my lottery tickets yet.


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October 03, 2003

Sad Day

My father-in-law went on a fishing trip last week. Tuesday he suffered a heart attack and passed away yesterday.
The next several days we will be busy doing funeral type stuff.

Continue reading "Sad Day"
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Robert Heinlein

An armed society is a polite society.

Robert A. Heinlein

October 02, 2003

Rush Pile on

Quite a lot of people are putting in their two cents about the current Rush comment dust up.
I have left some comments on Dawn's post.
Lair also has a post here.
Kevin has about ten links to others who are talking about it.

I was watching this Sunday when Rush made the comment and I didn't think it was racist then and I still don't. I knew as soon as the words came out of his mouth that he was taking a chance and I expect Rush knew that also.

It is a shame but in a way lucky for me because I was starting to get interested in the NFL for the first time in many years and I don't need another obsession.

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October 01, 2003


My wife has been trying to grow these for years without much luck except for this one that bloomed last april.
It is easy to see why she wants to grow it based on how good it looks.


Real World Blues

The reason I had not intended to post anything today, except this maybe, is that my father-in-law, who lives with us, had a massive heart attack yesterday while on a fishing trip.
He is in a hospital in Brenham which means we will be doing a lot of driving.
Blogging may be light for a few days.

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Nazi Flag at Football game

I wasn't going to post today but I just read this on Drudge and couldn't let it go.

"We were booed," Grissom said Monday. "We had things thrown at us. We were cursed."

What an asshole. Did he expect to get cheered?

Grissom said he never intended to offend anyone, and he apologized repeatedly.

"We had an error in judgment," Grissom told The Dallas Morning News in an interview published Tuesday. "Our intent was never to cause any harm."

This is not an error in judgement. The man has lost his mind, if he ever had any in the first place, which seems doubtful.

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