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November 30, 2003

John Lennon

Quote of the Day

Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.

John Lennon

November 29, 2003

Global War on Terror

There has been a major raid in Kenya where more than 25 key Al Queda suspects have been detained.

U.S. authorities believe there are hundreds of terror suspects in eastern Africa sought by authorities around the world, Marine Brig. Gen. Mastin Robeson, the commander of a U.S.-led anti-terrorism task force in the region, said earlier this month.

I bet you didn't know that we had an anti-terrorism task force in Africa. Never forget that this is a global war and we are fighting it in many places that you don't hear about as often as Iraq.

And we are winning.

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Cheating the Ecosystem

NZ Bear has put 6 weblogs on notice that they will be suspended from the ecosystem for posting mulitple sitemeters on their site that point to other sites.

The ecosystem is a fun thing that Bear came up with and no pays that much attention to it except as a fun thing, or so I thought.

These weblogs, which are all liberal, thing that they must inflate their numbers to compete. It is really sad but it is reflective of what the entire liberal establishment has become. It is ok to lie, to cheat, to misrepresent facts, to attack people instead of their arguments, to ignore laws when they stand in your way all because you are so convinced in the rightness of your cause.

Get a clue guys, if your cause was so right it could stand by itself in the bright light of the day with being propped up like a sick tree.

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November 28, 2003

New Intel Wireless Chipset

Intel plans to build a chipset that allows any desktop computer to act as a wireless access point.

This is good news but it seems to me that is misses the point entirely.
If I have 3 computers in my home (ok I have more but I am not normal) my need for an access point is not as great as my need for a wireless nic.

What I would like to see is built in wireless the same way most new computers have ethernet ports built in today. Since this is pretty much what they have done to laptops with their centrino series I expect be will see it in all computers before too long.

This is not good news for Cisco, Netgear and the others who now make money selling these products as add ons.

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November 27, 2003

George W. Bush

Quote of the Day

We did not charge hundreds of miles into the heart of Iraq, pay a bitter cost of casualties, defeat a ruthless dictator and liberate 25 million people only to retreat before a band of thugs and assassins

George W. Bush - Nov. 27, 2003 in Baghdad

President's Speech

I have seen his speech twice now and I have to say the first time I saw it he looked very moved and so was I.
This is an historic day and it will be a big boost for the troops that the president is willing to put his ass on the line too.

The second time I saw it it was still pretty amazing.

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Surprise Surprise

News Flash!!!

The President has made a surprise visit to Baghdad.

No Links yet.

I bet this pisses Hillary off, BIG TIME.

Update : Here is the first link I could find.

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The latest Carnival of the Vanities is at Setting The World to Rights.

I have not looked through the Carnival for a while but it is a good way to find new bloggers so give it a look.

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November 26, 2003

Baby's Blanket

This is what Jackson and Perkins calls a ground cover rose.
We picked up a bunch a few years ago during a sale they had and they have proved their worth.
They are own root roses and even though they are called ground covers they are actually about 3 foot high. they don't have much of a fragrance but make up for that by having lots of blooms all year long as this picture, which is only a few days old shows.

Photo by Starhawk - All Rights Reserved

November 25, 2003

Gearing up for Return of the King

I was really hoping for Elf but ....


To which race of Middle Earth do you belong?
brought to you by Quizilla

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Climbing Pinkie

Talking about things that are still blooming I noticed that this climber in the back had some blooms on it (eat your heart out Ted).

This is growing on the side of the playhouse I got for my daugther when we moved down here that she hardly ever uses anymore. She was the one who picked it.

Photo by Starhawk - All Rights Reserved

This picture does not really do it justice and I didn't have a full shot so I went back through my picture directory and realized I had taken something over 800 pictures of various things since the spring.
It is amazing what you can get done while you are unemployed and here I thought I had nothing to show for the last eight months.

It is also amazing how fast things grow. This is what the Pinkie looked like back in March.

Photo by Starhawk - All Rights Reserved

In September it looked like this.

Photo by Starhawk - All Rights Reserved

I almost forgot. Here is what it looked like in full bloom back in April. It blooms all through the summer but the spring bloom is the best.

Photo by Starhawk - All Rights Reserved


Quote of the Day

I read this on someone's web site today and I don't remember where.
Oh wait now I do, it was from this piece by Terry Teachout in the Opinion Journal about the new Loony Tunes DVD.

Link from Glenn who has been posting up a storm today.

Fanaticism consists in redoubling your effort when you have forgotten your aim.

George Santayana

More Rose Pictures

Ted over at Rocket Jones liked the picture I posted of my Arizona yesterday that he posted one of his own roses from the spring.
It is a beauty but I am not sure what it is and he either doesn't know or just hasn't said yet.

This has had a bad outcome in that it got me thinking of spring and I have started a list of roses I would like to buy next year. So far there are two mini's and two climbers on the list but that won't last.

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I, The Jury

I sometimes read books in spurts and I am in one now. I guess because I need something to balance all the other stuff I am doing.
I picked up this volume the other day at B&N.

I have never been big on mystery books but I am starting to read more. I like Spillane and some of the older authors.

I also noticed that fellow blogger Roger Simon also writes private detective fiction and I intend to check him out once I catch up.

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Master and Commander

I have been reading Master and Commander, which I picked up last week, between working on my certification.
I became aware of it because of the movie and was surprised that I had never read any of O'Brian's novels before since I am a big fan of Horatio Hornblower.

I came across this article today that states that though O'Brian wrote about sailors he was not one himself and in fact had very little knowledge about the actual operation of a sailboat.

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November 24, 2003


I think I may have posted this rose already but I was so surprised to see this bloom yesterday (yes I said yesterday) that I had to snap this picture. It is a little late in the year for this to bloom but it has really come back well from the pruning we gave it in Feb.
The Arizona is a Grandiflora rose which means among other things that it is tall.
This bloom was about six feet off the ground which is probably why the deer didn't get to it.

Photo by Starhawk - All Rights Reserved

Nose to the Grindstone

I have to get back to my studies and since the kid is now on Thanksgiving break I have to make sure she finishes her outstanding projects in addition to having fun.

In other words light to no blogging till much later in the day.

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More UAV's needed

This story about using UAVs in greater numbers should come as no surprise to those of use who read Sci-Fi.

Most of us wonder what is taking so long since Doc Smith wrote about it in books like this

long before I was born.

In Smith's books it is not all that unusual for tens of thousands of robot guided craft to fight and 'die' before any live person is injured.

I have already posted that I think we should be using Predators and Global Hawks massively in the mid east.
At least the Predators since they have not gotten around to arming the hawks, yet.

Update/Aside: After posting this I decided to check my copy of the Gray Lensmen to see how much I paid for it, $2.50. Isn't inflation grand?

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Reverse Outsourcing

In 1994 I left the large insurance company where I had worked for the last six years. One week after I cleaned out my desk all the IT people were called into a meeting and told that almost all IT was being outsourced and that they would be let go within 90 days.
I can't count how many people called me and wanted to know how I knew this was going to happen and when I knew it.
In truth I knew nothing and had been planning to leave, actually had a contingent offer for about 3 months.

In time however the company thought better of it and brought some of those jobs back in house.

Dell seems to be doing the same thing at least for the corporate accounts that have pull. I expect that this trend will continue as word gets around to even the retail customer who buys one machine that the tech support isn't worth the trouble when you can't understand the person on the other end of the line who is speaking a dialect of english that in not understandable. It may take a little longer but everytime someone like me has a bad tech support experience the word gets around. This is one of the areas where users groups can still have an impact.

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November 23, 2003

Paris Hilton

It just occured to me (ok maybe I am slow) that maybe all this hype has been all about getting a big audience for Paris Hilton's new reality TV show.

Of course I wouldn't think that Paris would release nude movies of herself just to hype a TV show or wouldn't she.

Listening To:Who are You - Justin Hayward and John Lodge

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Salam smackdown

There has been some reaction in the Blogosphere over the letter that Salam wrote to President Bush which was smacked down by Lileks and joined by Roger Simon.

Today they are joined by N.Z. Bear and I agree with all three of them.

Salam should go back to Iraq and try to make a difference there instead of throwing shit from the safety of London.

On another item I have meant to add Roger to my blogroll for a while which I will do tonight.

Listening To: Power and the Glory - Phil Ochs

Update: Andrea has something to say about this also.

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Aldous Huxley

Quote of the Day

Most human beings have an almost infinite capacity for taking things for granted.

Aldous Huxley

November 22, 2003

End of a Dream

Ohio State 21
U. of M. 35.

This has not been a good year for my teams. First the Yankees come up short and now the Bucks fold to hated Michigan. I thought that they had a chance after the interception but I guess it was just not fated to be.

Oh well I will get to the Sugar Bowl someday.

Mr. Lincoln

This is another one of the new roses. Actually it is a replacement for a Mr. Lincoln I used to have that died. These are great roses, very fragrant and winners of lots of awards.
They are one of the older Hybrid Teas.


November 21, 2003

Air Potato

I have no idea where this comes from. My wife thinks that our local nursery handed her some seeds once, she planted them and forgot about them.

Then suddenly this thing starts growing on oneof our trees and she couldn't figure out what it was. It kept growing and now as you can see it is quite large.


The reason they call it an air potato is because it has things like you see below all over it.
And I do mean all over it.
It is I fear not edible, at least by humans.
I am hoping that the deer eat it and get sick but I doubt I will be that lucky.


Un-Handy Man

I don't know if I have ever mentioned it before but I am probably the most un handy man there ever was with do it yourself stuff.

I have been trying the mount the two Lord of Rings Swords I got on either side of my fireplace.

I went to Lowes got a masonry drill bit no problem.
The first problem was that my cordless drill wouldn't cut it. One battery won't hold a charge anymore and the other would hold a charge long enough to drill through the brick.

Today I finally got to Home Depot and bought a drill with a cord and managed to get the holes drilled. Now however the mounting board won't fit over the screws and I don't want to force it because I might (probably will) break it.


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Religion of Peace

Follow this link I found at the Mrs to a story in FrontPage on how the publishing of a translation of a book on the Religion of Peace was shut down because of death threats made against everyone involved.
The french, who as we have seen time and time again lack the backbone present in most humans, just rolled over.
It is a chilling story.
The Mrs. thinks that if she had any relatives in France or even Germany she would advise them to leave and she is not even Jewish.
I would love to see Paris at some time in the future but the way things are now I don't think I would feel safe unless I had a bigger handgun then I now own and lots of bullets.

New Blog Showcase

It looks like I have climbing the heights of the Ecosystem again into a spot with the Flappy Birds (a very low spot, in fact the last Flappy bird on the list).

That being the case the least I can do is make my votes for the New Blog Showcase, which are:

The Congressional Drug of Choice on the New American Revolution,
Fair Game on Indirect Proof and 5ive years in reverse on Pepper of the Earth just because I have a soft spot for anyone still stuck in NYC during the Bloomberg years.

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Attack Iran?

In a very interesting segment on Brit Hume's show on Fox last night Mansoor Ijaz had some new and startling information.

Both Bin Laden and his chief deputy are now in Iran planning attacks on US interests in Iraq and Afganistan.

They are getting together with an Afgani warlord and will plan attacks to overthrow the Afgan regime this winter powered with Iranian Revolutionary guards.

If this is true, any part of it, Iran should become an active target.
About time if you ask me.

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November 20, 2003

Which Bush Admin

Now this one surprised me.

You're the W!
You are George Walker Bush! You are the most
powerful man in the world, which leaves you
little time to think for yourself. Fortunately,
you have your friends to think for you!

Which member of the Bush Administration are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

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November 19, 2003

George W. Bush

Quote of the Day

And we will raise up an ideal of democracy in every part of the world. On these three pillars we will build the peace and security of all free nations in a time of danger.

President George W. Bush - Nov. 19,2003

More on the WTC Memorials

Jeff Jarvis submitted one of the designs not chosen.
You can read about his design here.

For more info about the proposals you can go here or here.

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Finalist Revealed

The eight finalists for the WTC memorial have been revealed today.

Susanna looked through them already and has some feedback including this.

As a side note, it's very poor taste that the NY Times is advertising sex aids on the slideshow for the WTC memorials. Advertise if you must, but show some respect and couth.

I will have to look them over a while and will comment later.

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HoloCaust Museum Firebombed

I read this post on Kesher Talk which led me to this post on Lgf.

A Holocaust Museum in Terre Haute Indiana has been firebombed.
Did I say Terre Haute? You bet I did.
That's right folks it can happen right here in the good old USA.

The story is here.

Reading Lists

The Accidental Jedi, who stumbled over here from Kelley's Cul-de-sac has a pretty good reading list of his own.

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National Ammo Day

In case you forgot, today is National Ammo Day.

Go out and buy some ammo.

I picked up 100 rounds of Velocitor 22LR on my way home from the Library since I didn't have any.

When my Father-in-law died I inherited a 9 shot .22LR revolver that I have not tried yet but I do intend to in the near future.

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Wifi at the Houston Library

Based on a post over a Rocket Jones I decided to go to my local library to pick up a copy of Master and Commander which of course they didn't have at my branch.
However as long as I knew I was going there I brought along my laptop to see if the Wifi they said they had it worked.
It did.
It worked fine as a matter of fact.
Win XP picked it up as soon as I opened the laptop and asked me if I wanted to connect to a non-secure network.
I was able to go to this site, check my yahoo mail and hit a couple of site off of Drudge.

What didn't work so well was the library's computer directory. I went to request a copy of Master and Commander and it asked me for my pin which I forgot (of course) but they had that covered with a link that said "Forgot your pin"?
I clicked on that and got a "404 Page not found" (of course).
Still some work needed there.

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November 18, 2003

More Rocketing

Rocket Jones has another Rocketing Around the Blogosphere which is wierd because it seems like he just did this a day or so ago.

It is full of different links, even one for me though he does manage to hide it pretty well.

So go over to RJ and see if you can find the link to Freedom Lives and if you do I will give you a free link to the blog of your choice.
Yeah I know it not like being linked by Glenn but its all I have.

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November 17, 2003

The Wizard of OZ

Quote of the Day

Scarecrow: Some people without brains do an awful lot of talking.

The Wizard of OZ - 1939

National Ammo Week

Don't forget that this is National Ammo Week and the 19th is National Ammo Day. Go out and buy some ammo.

I bought 800 rounds of .22LR today and I will get more later in the week. I may get some from Cheaper than Dirt Ammo since I have never gotten ammo over the internet before.

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School Show

Not bad, not bad at all.
It wasn't professional but if was much better than I was expecting. The school auditorium is fairly new and very well equiped. They had a cast of over 40 and since this was the last performance they should have been at their best.

It was a little funny that the munchkins were all taller than Dorothy.

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Life in the Suburbs

It was pouring here today. We even had a tornado warning, which I hate.
This is the third day in a row that it has rained here but only 15 miles north at the Ren Fair we were as dry as could be. That's Texas weather for you.

I have to take the kid to a show at the High School tonight. She is in drama and part of the course is seeing plays and reporting on them. It doesn't have to be the school productions but it does make it easier. I was hoping to take her to the production I had auditioned for but since I didn't get the part I figured, why bother.

We might get up to NYC around Christmas and we will probably see a play while there but I wonder how a report on a broadway show would come across in suburban Houston. I guess that like anything else there will be some who think its neat and others who be jealous. I guess she doesn't have to report on it but I want her to see the show anyway. One of the few things I miss about NYC is being able to see broadway shows.

For the above mentioned reasons I will not be posting till much later if at all.

The show by the way is The Wizard of OZ. That is pretty challenging for a high school, it should be interesting to see how they do.

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All entries to be Displayed

All 5201 entries for the WTC memorial may be put on display for the public viewing after the finalists are chosen.

Given the effort that these people put into making these proposals this is a good idea. I just hope it does not lead to endless second guessing of the judges picks.

Listening To: Long May You Run - Neil Young

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Something in the Air

Michelle has a foreboding of things to come which doesn't sit well with me since I have been having the same feelings.
The last few days my dreams have been odder than usual and I have had trouble sleeping. As my wife will testify, if there is anything I don't have trouble doing it is going to sleep.

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Being Pro-American

I can usually find a lot to disagree with Jeff Jarvis about but this post on his being Pro-American I agree with 100%.

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New Cul de Sac

Kelley is getting back into groove after all her travels and meeting of bloggers in the flesh.
Her new Cul de Sac is great.

If you think I am saying that just because I am one of the featured blogs you would only be part right. I would be saying it anyway but I am certainly saying it sooner.

Update: Kelley's blogroll is messed up too. This seems to be spreading.

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OSU Number 2 in BCS

It looks like my friend was right because today OSU moved into second place in the BCS.

We still have to beat Michigan next week and that will not be easy.

Blogroll problem

There seems to be a major problem in my blogroll.
Blogrolling has been notified.

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November 16, 2003

The Alamo

Quote of the Day

Davy Crockett:There's right and there's wrong. You got to do one or the other. You do the one and you're living. You do the other and you may be walking around, but you're dead as a beaver hat.

The Alamo - 1960

Last day of Ren Fair

As I said in the previous post I am beat and will probably go to bed real soon.
The Ren Fair was great as always but the reason they hold when they do is to avoid days like today where the temperature was over 80.
There is nothing like walking around, in costume, in 80+ weather for 7 hours to tire you out and two days in a row is a killer.
We did have a great time, bought some things.
These fairs are all about shopping and don't let anyone tell you different.
Since money is tight I managed to not spend $70 on a new fair shirt (on sale because of last day and in leather(sigh)) but I did spend another $20 to buy a Kitana on sale (pictures later in the week) , another dagger and a very nice coin pouch, plus one for the wife.
We saw lots of stuff we would have bought had we money, the wife saw a dress for $200+.
We saw several street theaters and met some old friends.
We had a good time despite the heat.
No more Ren Fair for 11 months so I have a little time to recover.

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John fisks Kim

I got home from the last day of the Ren Fair just in time to follow Meryl's link to this piece that is an attempt to fisk Kim's post on the Pussyfication of the American male (get the link at Kim's I am too tired).

Aside from the fact that the guy comes across as a raving far left Queen I have trouble taking someone seriously when they try to compare Texas to South Africa. This is someone who doesn't seem to have ever been in Texas, to say the least.

He also doesn't seem to know much history since he doesn't know the difference between the Mex. American war and Texas' war for independence.

You can read it yourself if you need your blood boiled, I don't think I will be able to finish it. I am just too tired.

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November 15, 2003

Traffic Increase

According to Alexa, Freedom Lives has improved its rank to 2,667,524.

That is an increase of almost a million places.

Thanks to all of you, a lot.

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OSU win in OT, again

This is becoming too much for my old heart.
OSU 16
Purdue 13 in OT.

My friend Dick say that it we win today (we did, barely) and win next week in Ann Arbor (always risky) that under the BCS point system we will move into 2ad place and be able to defend our title against the sooners, which is how it should be.

I hope he is right and if he is able to get tickets it will be the first time I have ever seen a game in the Sugar Bowl.
I sure hope it is not like last years's title game, 3 OT's is to much excitement for me.

Another Ren Fair day

We got up early got to the fair early.
By noon the temp. was about 80 and the humidity around 90.
We made a smart choise and I went back to the car and ditched our cloaks.
Much too hot for those though they do look good.
Aside from the hot weather it was an ok day.

I added to my sword collection by buying another Glamdring. Why do I need another you ask? Well the one I got previously is a display piece. It is made of stainless steel. Looks great and it will hold an edge if I put one on it. If I try to use it as a sword however it is likely to shatter.

The one I got today is made of carbon steel. It is a little higher maintenance but it is a real sword.

We also picked up a pair of daggers for $10 a piece and a dagger for the kid for a little more.

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November 14, 2003

Ren Fair Pictures

Well I finally got all 45 pictures loaded from our trip to the Ren Fair and just in time because we are going back this weekend which is the last weekend of the fair for 2003.

My Ren Fair album is here.

I don't know how long I will kep them up because I have some issues with the way SBC/Yahoo has implimented these albums. It seems that once I make the album public anyone can order prints or them or even mousepads which to my mind is usurping my copyrighted material.

This is picture is of your humble host in his Fair costume. In case you are wondering I am a wizard.


Update: By the way that is a real wedding that took place during a break in the rainstorm.

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The Late Show

Quote of the Day

In the Late Show Art Carney played a detective.

Ira: You were born dumb and you're gonna die dumb.

The Late Show - 1977

Reading list

Rocket Jones has a new post up on his Rocketing around the Blogosphere series.
Somehow I didn't get mentioned this week but that is not that important since I have been in an unemployment funk for most of this week.

It is hard just posting some days and my study for my Microsoft certification exam is not going that well either.

Kelley can't seem to get back into the Cul de sac mood so until you like surfing aimlessly through blogs you better go read Rocket.

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November 13, 2003

Senate Debate

One interesting think about this senate debate is that if you watch Cspan2 ( I am only glancing at it from time to time) you get to see senators that you would never see otherwise. There are a lot of them that never go on the talking head shows or Meet the Press.

Another curious thing is that it is not on Drudge or on Google News front page. I guess they don't think it is important.

They are not alone since it is also not on the web front page of the NY Times.

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November 12, 2003

Art Carney

Quote of the Day

Art Carney got his only Oscar when he was 56 for playing the part of a 70+ year old.

Harry: You never really feel somebody's suffering; you only feel their death.

Harry and Tonto - 1974

Another Web Quiz

Robert Heinlein
Robert Heinlein wrote you - your stranger in a
strange land, you.

Which Author's Fiction are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Link from susanna

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Number Portability

A new study by Ernst and Young says that 50% of consumers would consider dropping their landlines and going completely wireless once number portability gets signed into law on Nov. 24.

I have a gut feel that something is wrong over at E&Y. No way that many people are going to drop their landlines.

There will however be a major kick to the cell phone business as fickle cell customers will now be able to keep their numbers when they move. My current cell contract is up in April and while I have no problems with my current Verizon service I may just go month to month and see what develops rather than signing on for another 2 years.

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Rush Returning

Rush Limbaugh will return to broadcasting next Monday Nov. 17.
He will start where he left off broadcasting for 3 hours a day, five days a week.

I predict this will be one of the largest audiences in his career.

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Diversity on Campus , NOT

Good article about how the left opposes free speech at yale.

Link from Glenn.

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Ren Fair Pictures

Having not been able to get the photo essay working the way I wanted it to I have decided to take the cowards easy way out and just post all the pictures to my yahoo photo album which is here.
There are 18 pictures there now but I will be adding more.
This way if we do go to the fair this weekend I can just add more pictures next week.

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November 11, 2003

Perfume Delight

The label of this rose says Perfume Delight but when I look online it doesn't look anything like what I see. Perfume Delight is a pink rose in all the pictures I see.
This one looks more like a Fragrant Dream or maybe a Vanilla Perfume.
I hate when they mislabel roses even if they are only selling them for $5 a piece.
It is very fragrant though.


Ren Fair - Day 1

What I am going to do or try to do is a photo essay of our trip to the Ren Fair.
I 've never got this to work so I may have to adjust it some.

If it works I will post the second day soon. We might go again this weekend which is the last this year but I am not sure the wife can get off from work.

Go to the extended entry and click on the links to see the pictures.

Update: It looks like I need to resize the pictures some.
Update: That didn't quite work out the way I planned so I am going to pull it for more testing.

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Art Carney

Quote of the Day

Art Carney died today. He was a great actor and did a lot in his life but what he is best remembered for was one of his earliest roles.

Ralph: Norton, I'm gonna count to five. And when I get to five you better be out that door.
Norton: I'm not a-scared of you. If you could count they wouldn't be investigating your taxes

The Honeymooners - 1955

November 10, 2003

Meryl on Moore

Meryl has a good post on Michael Moore and explains what a blivit is.

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Pink Peace

This is one of my new roses bought for only five bucks the other day.

It is a Hybrid Tea derived from the famous Peace rose.
It is large flowered (obviously) and has a strong fragrance.


Champagne Room

Madfish Willie looks through other blogs in his Champagne Room.

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November 09, 2003

Punk, New Wave and All that Jazz

Michele has some good posts on Punk rock and related stuff.
The posts can be found here, here and most recently here.

The reason for these posts was the release of a compilation of Punk being released by Rhino.

I was going to chime in but in a way it is too personal for me to talk about since I was a bartender at several hot Punk Clubs in New York during the late 70's and I knew a lot of these people.
No CBGB's was not one of them, thank goodness.

I will probably buy the CD but I know it will leave a lot to be desired since it is not possible to capture the mood or the energy that was going on then on a record.

Working 5 sometimes 7 nights a week I got to see a lot of what was going on behind the scenes. It was really an amazing time.
I suppose I could go into details about how the Ramones acted or what David Byrne drank (dewar's and water, believe it or not) but I don't think that that is that important and I might want to save it for my memoirs someday.

There was excitment in the air, more so at any time since the whole Beatles invasion.

Try to explain the Beatles today and people just can not understand the sheer craziness that just gripped everyone of that generation. Punk was like that except it wasn't as out in the open with everyone. With everyone that was into of course but there was more going on.

When the Beatles hit there really wasn't that much going on musically.

When Punk hit Disco was king and they actually coexisted for a while. In some cases , like Blondie, Punk groups actually had Disco hits.

Anyway go read Michele's post and be sure to read the comments too. It will keep you busy for while but if you don't know much about Punk or even if you do there is some good stuff there.

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In the Sky of Pern

I have always loved the Pern series. I think I have all of them, some in hardcover others in soft worn out from re-reads.

You are a dragon. You live for today, and your soul
wants to fly!

The Ultimate PERN Quiz!
brought to you by Quizilla

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Solving the Energy Crisis

I got to this link from the King of Fools.
It seems that technology could be our salvation after all.
Oil from excess Turkey and almost anything else organic.

This plant will make 10 tons of gas per day, which will go back into the system to make heat to power the system," he says. "It will make 21,000 gallons of water, which will be clean enough to discharge into a municipal sewage system. Pathological vectors will be completely gone. It will make 11 tons of minerals and 600 barrels of oil, high-quality stuff, the same specs as a number two heating oil." He shakes his head almost as if he can't believe it. "It's amazing. The Environmental Protection Agency doesn't even consider us waste handlers. We are actually manufacturers—that's what our permit says. This process changes the whole industrial equation. Waste goes from a cost to a profit."

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Still echoing

I am still seeing reaction to Kim's post. The latest is at baldilocks.

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November 08, 2003

Fall Roses

I thought I was finally finished with that last purchase of cheap roses but some more came in and what can I say but this is what my front yard now looks like.
The problem with these roses is that I think some of them are mis-labeled. Two are supposed to be climbing Coral Dawn but they don't look at all alike. That gives me four climbers to try and find a spot for.
Oh well I guess there are worse things in the world.
Close ups to come in the next few days.


Another Thin Man

Quote of the Day

Nora Charles: I got rid of all those reporters.
Nick Charles: What did you tell them?
Nora Charles: We're out of scotch.
Nick Charles: What a gruesome idea.

Another Thin Man - 1939

William Powell

I was flipping through the listings and stopped to watch the last 30 minutes or so of the movie Another Thin Man.
I love the Thin Man series. I had forgotten it but recently there were a bunch on TCM and I fell in love again.
Great story (by Dashiell Hammett), snappy dialogue, what's not to like.
William Powell (Nick) constantly is drinking something, usually a martini.
After watching though I always want a drink but I couldn't find anyone to drink with me.
So me and Jack drank alone. This from a bottle of JD single barrel I have.
Real smooth stuff.

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November 07, 2003

More Kim

Kim du Toit's post is still causing echos all over the blogosphere. I keep finding references to it I have not read before like here on the Acidman's blog.
His server has still not recovered but if you click on this link you can read the post yourself.

Meryl has some more links and I have more to say in the extended section.

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Friday Five

I don't do this a lot but I thought of it today:

1. What food do you like that most people hate?

Except as noted below I like almost anything. Things I do hate, like anchovies, are hated by most people I know also so they don't fit in this category.

2. What food do you hate that most people love?

Oysters or anything chewy like that. Most food I like and most of the time will clean my plate. That is why it is so hard for me to lose weight.

3. What famous person, whom many people may find attractive, is most unappealing to you?

Julia Roberts. I think she is one of the ugliest people in film with a mouth that reminds me of the ramp of a cargo jet.

4. What famous person, whom many people may find unappealing, do you find attractive?

If most people think that a person is unappealing there is probably a good reason and I can't think of anyone like that where I would disagree.

5. What popular trend baffles you?

Reality shows. I watched part of the new Joe millionaire because I like looking at beautiful women and they had some fine ones but even then I couldn't sit through the whole thing.
I don't think I have ever watched any of these shows entirely through.
I have seen maybe 5 minutes of Survivor in all the time it has been on.
The closest I came was almost watching an entire show of the Osbornes.

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Economy rockets, Jobs too

The latest jobs report is A Dem killer, unless you are Pete Stark who couldn't say anything nice about Bush if his seat in congress depended on it, which in his district is not a problem.

Jobs added in October were not only far higher than expected (126k) but Sept. jobs were revised upwards more than 2X to 125k.

Meanwhile I am still jobless but more hopeful.

We had a DotNet user group meaning last night. Great turnout. Usually headhunters turn up at these things and even they were hopeful.

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Wifi Dangers explained

My readers are so much better at reserach than I am.
This is a comment from Chris to my post on the Dangers of Wifi

With a quick google search you can find plenty of examples of the EM spectrum. Visiable light is rugffly 10 to the 15th Hz... as appozed to the 10 to the 9th hertz. InfaRed is 10 to the 12th. Why is this important? Well, as anyone who didn't sleep through High School Physics knows, as the frequency increases, so does the energy. WiFi signals are less energetic then the energy coming out of your TV remote. I'd love to see a class action suit against TV Remotes.Even more to the point, we're constantly bombarded by visible light, which anyone who's recieved a sunburn knows is much more energetic.

There are tons of evidence that proves that radiowaves at these frequencies cannot interact with Human DNA, or even effect Humans at all. No, this research wasn't swayed by 'Wi-Fi' enthusiasts, because these testsn were performed simply about radio waves, not Wi-Fi.

Read his whole comment for more.

Michael doesn't agree with Chris.

Chris' analysis is flawed. Power is not measured by the frequency. His analysis completly leaves out the wattage and the particular affects caused by different frequencies. Now, I don't believe that WiFi or cellphones cause cancer, but in all fairness I feel I should point out a few things.

Your Microwave Oven operates at about 2.5Gz. This is very close to the frequencies that WiFi operats at. The thing to notice is that a Microwave oven also operates at about 1000 watts compared to the sub 1 watt power levels of most WiFi equipment. That's a lot of power. So why might someone think a low power WiFi base station cause problems?

There's a funny thing that happens at around 2.5 Gz, which is the radio waves are absorbed by water, fats and sugars. This makes this frequency ideal for cooking. The question becomes, do the operating frequencies of 2.4Gz WiFi equipment have this same property.

This is consistent with a recent conversation I had with an Intel employee where he stated that 2.4 gz is absorbed by water or at least somewhat blocked.

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November 06, 2003

New Blog Showcase

If you have not checked out the New blog Showcase you should. There are a lot of good new bloggers out there.

My vote for this week goes to Patriot Paradox for the post I Pray Daily. Am I an Extremist?

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November 05, 2003

The Price of Fame

Requests for Kim's essay have crashed his server but if you really have not read it yet you can go here.

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Big Dogs

If however you are still catching up on the Kim links you can find more
at Kate's or for a another take go to James who Meryl thinks has a very balanced post.

You could also stop by and read Kevin's take on it.

Somewhere I managed to Leave comments was at Michele's
where I talked about one aspect of Kim's post having to do with dogs.

Kim doesn't think real men have small dogs. I don't know about the relation but I have never liked or wanted a small dog.

It also occured to me that I had never posted pictures of my dog here so click on the extended entry to see my puppy pictures.

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Stock Market

In case you are too busy readning about Kim's post on The Pussification Of The Western Male and hadn't noticed the Dow is within spitting distance of 10,000.
If the unemployment numbers are good tomorrow you can expect new 52 week highs in all the markets.

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Bombers on the move

Debka repots that "DEBKAfile’s military sources report unusually heavy US bomber and fighter air traffic on the move from US West Coast to Middle East via Scotland.

If true it is interesting to speculate on the target.
Korea ? Not likely.
Iran? More likely?
Afganistan? maybe.
Syria/Lebanon? Most likely.

I don't think a leveling of the Bekka valley would cause a lot of people to lose sleep. It would kill a lot of bad people and send a serious message to Syria.

Of course this could just be posturing however taken with Mubarak's trip to Damascus it very well may be that Bush is going to get serious about Syria.
How is that for alliteration.

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New reading

Tired of reading the same old blogs?
Go over to Rocket Jones as he rockets around the Blogosphere

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Real Men ...

Kim has caused quite a stir with his essay The Pussification Of The Western Male .
I suspect he is mostly enjoying the controversy.
Go over to Michele's and read the comments on this post and on this one.

I hardly ever admit anyone is entirely right about anything but Kim is mostly right on this one.

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November 04, 2003

The Mind works in Funny ways

Case in point.
I was sitting down watching Bernie Goldberg on the Chris Matthews show and suddenly I knew why my old blogspot stuff has not imported the last time I tried it.
I rushed into the other room logged onto MT and it worked, well sort of.
You can now access posts back to June 12 but not as individual posts. Just by scrolling down the monthly page.
I will work on that when I have the time but at least I made some progress on something that has been bugging me for a while.

Update: Now that I got this far I have to go back and add categories to all those new/old posts by hand. This may take a while.

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About hits and Google

I noticed that I was getting a lot of hits from Google about Gregg Easterbrook.
I went to google and searched on Easterbrook Fired, only to be surprised that I was the number one hit on google for that search string. go figure.
The most I did was link to other people, Meryl mostly, who were making the case.
Even odder when I searched on easterbook+fired+Meryl I still came in first and Meryl only came in 18th.
It just goes to show that where google is concerned its not what you say but how you say it.

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Creeping Anti-Semitism

Meryl was ahead of the curve pointing out how widespread and subtle anti-semitism is not only abroad but in our society.
Now Andrew Sullivan chimes in with two posts.
First from a commentary in Al Jazeerah and then and more chillingly in an email from one of his readers.

And then came the clincher... this educated doctor, a US citizen, told me in all seriousness how there was a detailed Jewish plot that if Al Gore had become president, he would have been assasinated so that Joseph Lieberman could assume the presidency of the United States. Since the Jews knew they would never get a Jewish president elected directly, the Lieberman VP bid was a Jewish conspiracy to gain control of the presidency by underhanded means. I felt sick in the pit of my stomach. What was really worrying was he felt safe to say what he did in a gathering of middle class physicians in a wealthy neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Andrew concludes:

It's real. Nazi ideology is alive and well and in the minds of many even in this country. Now just imagine what they're saying in polite company in Paris.

November 03, 2003

Climbing Don Juan ??

The wife called me today from WalMart.
"They have great roses here and they are only five dollars"
"But honey you know this is the worst time of year to plant roses"
"Yes but they are only five dollars"
"That is why they are only five dollars"

To make a long story short here is a picture on my new climbing Don Juan, one of five new roses I bought today, none of which will probably make it to spring.


Update: Looking at this closely and comparing it to other pictures on the web I have decided that this is probably not a Don Juan. Another mislabled rose but the other one labeled Don Juan looks like the real thing.


Sometime today or tomorrow Freedom Lives will record its 20,000th visit.
This is not a lot in world of Instapundits but it is a lot for me and has taken about 18 months to get there.

Thank you all and I hope I can give you reasons to keep coming back.

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Rush Prediction

I predict that when Rush Limbaugh returns to radio later this month his return will be huge.
Further he will retain enough of those listeners that he will be bigger than ever.

I am not saying this because I like and listen to Rush (I do) but because I believe it will happen.

When he first comes back people who never tuned in before will check him out to see what he is all about, what he will say about his problems and his treatment. All his regular listeners will still be with him plus thousands maybe even millions of curiosity seekers. Some will stay. Whatever else you think about Rush, he is good and he will retain a good number of those who are just trying to find out what all the noise is about.

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Tripp Wins Big

A lot both good and bad has been said about Linda Tripp but one thing is obvious. the government (read Clintons) went over the line when they released personal information in an effort to discredit her.
With todays proposed settlement she gets her revenge.

As part of the settlement, Tripp gets a one-time payment of $595,000, a retroactive promotion and retroactive pay at a higher salary level for 1998, 1999 and 2000.

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More Zell

Zell Miller on why he is voting for Bush in today's Opinion Journal.
It is not long but it is plain spoken and deadly to the "Naive Nine".

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Stopping Free Speech

Interesting round up of some of the routine infringments of free speech that are taking place on our campuses.
John Leo goes over the Sheldon Award nominees.

What is the Sheldon award?

It goes to the university president who does the most to look the other way when free speech is under assault on campus.

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November 02, 2003

Diana is back

I guess she was getting tired of just posting comments on others blogs and just by accident today I discovered that Diana Moon is once again posting to her blogspot address.
Sidebar link has been adjusted. I never deleted it since she has quit so many times I had a feeling that she would be back.

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November 01, 2003

Is France Doomed?

I have read about the problem the French have with their getto areas, called La Zone, for several months. Random violence, young women getting raped, drugs but even after reading all that I was still stunned by reading this account in City Journal.

The average visitor gives not a moment’s thought to these Cités of Darkness as he speeds from the airport to the City of Light. But they are huge and important—and what the visitor would find there, if he bothered to go, would terrify him.

The French have in lots of ways made their own problem and it doesn't look like they will be able to find their way out of it anytime soon. I can almost feel sorry for them. I do feel sorry for the rest of western Europe because if this account is true the country is not that far from total anarchy which would affect Europe and the rest of the world badly, to say the least.

Link via Merde in France.

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Quote of the Day

Valeria: Do you want to live forever?

Conan the Barbarian - 1982

Sugar Alert

I looks like I bought too much candy yesterday. I am sitting here with a toosie roll pop in my mouth and if I had a real time glucose meter I could probably watch it move ever farther off the scale.
Which suggests to me a possible quote for the day, more later.

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How we Botched the Occupation

No, no , no not Iraq.
This refers to Germany.
Hat tip to Glenn for coming up with this cover from the New York Times Magazine in January 1946.

Perhaps I should have titled this, The more things change the more they are the same.

Nah, too long.

Update: I made a mistake, the cover was from the Saturday Evening Post, The Times Magazine with the similar title comes out tomorrow.

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