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August 31, 2004

New Car

I have just about decided on getting a Honda Element but it seems that due to my credit, which has been pretty damaged from almost two years of unemployment, I can't get financing for less the 13 percent or so.
Damn that hurts.
I think I might just end up biting the bullet and trying to pay it off fast.
Either that or get a really cheap car which I will have to finance at an even higher rate.

Shouldn't we be entitled to resonable financing on cars?
Shouldn't we all be entitled to cars?

I better shut up now before that ends up being added to the Democrat platform.

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I have been busy and not just ignoring the posting of entries. The past two nights I was reading for a part in a local production of the Odd Couple. I got a role (not Oscar or Felix but as they say there are no small roles) however due to the rehearsal schedule and my wife's work schedule I have had to turn it down.
It is a bit disappointing since I have never been in a full play before and was looking forward to it. I have done a lot of showcases when I was living in New York (almost all with more lines than this role had) but have never done a real full play. I almost did this same play in college when I read for Felix but was cast as Oscar but other things got in the way.
Ah well, there will be other plays and I have my hands full with work and looking for a new car.

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Comment spam

Somebody decided to add another 300 comments to the blog. I have nothing against Cialis but isn't there enough advertizing on the normal channels already.
Thank goodness for MT-Blacklist, not only does if block things I know about but it helps me get rid of ones that are new to me.
There are always new ones popping up however.
I just have to be more on top of things.

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August 26, 2004

The Last Samurai

Quote of the Day

The wife was off this week so we got a chance to sit down and watch this movie on Pay per View. Not a bad flick at all. We don't watch as many movies as we once did so it was a treat.

Emperor Meiji : Tell me how he died.
Algren : I will tell you how he lived.

The Last Samurai - 2003

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I know I have not been posting as much but work has been well work and my daughter got me involved in this new online game.
If you want to find me go here.

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August 22, 2004

Swift Vets

In case you are not sure about this story you can go here and judge for yourself. This of course is the swift vets side that is not getting into a lot of the major media. The Kerry side you can get from abccbsnbc or the ny times.

I did hear that the Wash. Post did a good piece on it but I can't find the link.

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August 18, 2004

Free Wifi with your bread

Now that I mentionsed Mr. Lion it reminds me of this post I saw last week over at Glenn's.

Lion and I have differed several times in the past on the topic of free Wifi and if it will become the defacto way to get to the internet outside the home.
I think it will, Lion does not.
Read Glenn's post, Pantera bread is coming over to my side.
Also there are several cities thinking about offering free Wifi or have already started to. I think I am on the winnning side in this one.

Update: Glenn also had this post a few days earlier.

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It is about the money

My friend Mr. Lion pointed out that he considered a new car a waste of money when you could get a pre-owned a lot cheaper.
Good point but you have to factor in the financing.
Suppose I buy a pre-owned car for 15k and get a 5 year loan for 10%. My total cost for the car is 22.5k.
Or I could buy brand new for 21k at 1% and over 5 years pay 22.5k.
Ok I might be able to do better on the used but not by much or I might not and new car rates of 1% or lower are not unheard of.

If the ultimate cost is pretty close I would rather go for a new car.

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