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October 19, 2004

Now it gets interesting

Yankees up 3 games to 2
Astros up 3 games to 2

I prefer sweeps myself but if looks like I will get my wish to maybe get series seats this year. My boss wants the Astros to get there but isn't so sure he wants to play the Yankees. I am not so sure I want the Astros to get there as their strong suit is pitching which is where I think the Yankees are weak and in a short series very important.

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October 16, 2004

Old Yella Hibiscus

This something new in the garden. So new it is still in the pot which might be a bad thing since we have had it a few weeks already. It is the first Yellow colored hardy Hibiscus though as you can see from this picture it looks more white than yellow. It is supposed to grow to 4 1/2 feet.

Photo by Starhawk - All Rights Reserved

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Winston Churchill

Quote of the Day

Democracy is the worst form of government except for all those others that have been tried.

Winston Churchill
Hat tip to Roger L. Simon

Chemical WMD

If anyone still wonders why we needed to go into Iraq and why we and everyone else in the world thought that Iraq had chemical weapons they should visit this site,

Warning not for the faint hearted.

Hat tip to Tanya.

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October 12, 2004

Astros Advance

The Astros finally nailed the Braves for the first time in their history and moved one step closer to the final confrontation with the Yankees in the World Series.
Of course there are a few speed bumps along the way like the Red Sox and the Cards but I think that neither will be as hard as some people expect. I don't think either series will go past 6 games and maybe only 5.
You heard it first here.

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October 10, 2004

Speaking of Celebrating

The Yankees are celebrating but probably not too much since the upcoming series with Boston promises to be one of the classics.

It was another Yankee come from behind victory with them tying the game with four runs, including Sierra's three run shot, in the eighth. Then on to the 11th where A-rod hit a double, stole third and scored on a wild pitch.

Meanwhile the hometown Astros hope to celebrate today by beating the Braves. Former Yankee Ace (yeah I know he pitched for someother teams) Roger Clemens (who has lied about his age and is really forty nine) will take the mound on three days rest to try and bring Houston its first ever playoff series win. With any other pitcher I would be worried about three days rest but the Rocket is not just any other pitcher. I am still worried just not as much.
This is just another chapter in the career of one of the most remarkable players of my lifetime. If he doesn't stop pitching after this season they may have to change the rules and vote him into the Hall of Fame while he is still active.

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I was busy with work on Friday so I ended up missing the debates. IT sounds like Bush did a lot better.
Our local hometown internet paper has an article where Dan Patrick predicts Bush winning with 275-300 Electorial votes.
The vacationing Connie duToit has predicted Bush getting 300 E. Votes.

I don't make predictions. I hope they are both right but this whole situation is still much to fluid for me to be relaxed. Both camps are saying it will be close and I think that is the right thing to do. They both need to fire up their base's now. It is time to pull out all the stops and go for broke.

I do hope Connie and Dan are correct but I won't celebrate until after the election.

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October 08, 2004

What I really said

Paul Bremmer sets the record straight in this op-ed in the NY Times.

The press has been curiously reluctant to report my constant public support for the president's strategy in Iraq and his policies to fight terrorism. I have been involved in the war on terrorism for two decades, and in my view no world leader has better understood the stakes in this global war than President Bush.

He ends with this

A year and a half ago, President Bush asked me to come to the Oval Office to discuss my going to Iraq to head the coalition authority. He asked me bluntly, "Why would you want to leave private life and take on such a difficult, dangerous and probably thankless job?" Without hesitation, I answered, "Because I believe in your vision for Iraq and would be honored to help you make it a reality." Today America and the coalition are making steady progress toward that vision.

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October 07, 2004

New Essay

Not me silly, Bill Whittle. Since it is probably going to take me all night or maybe two to read it (I am in a mood), just follow the link. I am sure it is as worthy of your time as all of Bill's posts have been.

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Phone troubles

I was on my way home last night and called ahead to see if I should l pick up something,
line busy.
Not unusual for a home with a teenager but as I tried several more times as I picked up some milk,just in case, my imagination went into overdrive, bad overdrive.
I got home and everything was of course fine, except the phones.
I used my cell to call SBC, went through the auto bs until I spoke to a person who directed me outside to check the network interface box. I was able to get a dialtone from there once I figured out which line was which(they really should label these things better) and was instructed to take all my phones offline (4) wait 5 minutes and everything should be fine.
I did and of course it wasn't.
I called SBC back and the are coming out today between 8am and 7pm. I have to take Ghost to the vet prior to getting him fixed so I am sure I will miss them.

I hate coming home to things like that. By the time everything was taken care of I was worn out.

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Good Day

Yankees - 7
Twins - 6
A real thriller in 12 innings.

In other news:
Astros - 9
Braves - 3

Even my boss asked me yesterday who I would root for if the Yankees and Astros faced out in the World Series. I sort of wimped out but the memories of 40 years as a Yankee fan are too great, not to mention all the jackets and hats I have in the closet.

At this point it might be easier for the Astros to get there than the Yanks.They are the hottest team around and all the breaks are going their way.

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October 06, 2004

And So it starts

Twins - 2
Yankees - 0

Well that could have went better.
I think anytime the pitching keeps the other team to two runs the Yanks should win.
This is not a good sign.

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October 04, 2004

Attack of the Clones

Quote of the Day

Yoda : Truly wonderful, the mind of a child is.

Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones - 2002

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October 01, 2004

First Step to Title

The Yankees have once again won their division.
Now the hard work starts.
If they can't make it to the series the problem will be the starting pitching.
Keeping my fingers crossed.

Update: The homer that Williams hit to win the game broke the team record for homers set in 1961. If you don't remember 1961 and were not at any of those games, like I was, I will tell you that is was an exceptional season with Maris and Mantle battling to beat Ruth's 60 HR record. No doubt about it this team's offense is awesome and can come from any position but I still wish they had a Whitey Ford.

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Debates Number 1

Pretty much a draw.
I wonder if anyone will make a fuss over Kerry's mistaken claim that the NY Subways were closed during the convention.
I would expect the Mayor would say something but he probably goes everywhere by limo.

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Great American Beer Festival

I don't usually go to festivals any more.
This one however might be worth the trip to Denver.

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