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March 21, 2005

The General

March 21, 2005

Quote of the Day

I am running a little behind since I saw this only a few moments ago but it was on a St. Patty's Day post.
Live the good life. Drink, smoke, gamble, feast, joke, fornicate and be tolerant of those who do. Take risks and thrive for the good challenge. Work hard and play hard without going over the edge. Live in the moment. Believe in moderation in all things, including moderation. Live it up!
The General

From a post on Ravenwood's

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March 15, 2005

Diversity BS

Glenn links to this reply by Jeff Jarvis to Steve Levy's column in Newsweek about diversity in the blogosphere.
I think Glenn got the link right but the wrong quote.

I honestly don't know the race or gender of many bloggers and commenters I read and -- listen carefully now -- I don't care. When I was raised in this country, we were taught that it was a goal of our culture -- melting-pot nirvana -- to get to the point where race and gender didn't matter. Well, we've finally created a medium where that's possible. But now we're trying to make race and gender matter again. How crazy is that? That is, to paraphrase my West Virginia father [you see, I'm hillbilly, actually], bassackwards.

I don't always agree with Jeff but he is right on this time.
Read the whole thing.

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March 08, 2005

Another First

At least it is the first time I saw it. CNBC's Squawk Box had a segment titled Blogs add Profits. Maybe there might be some money in this stuff after all.

Ad a note of caution the host suggested at the end that the money might come to Lawyers wanting to sue Bloggers.

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March 06, 2005

African Daisy

We bought this yesterday put it (them actually since there are 2) in the ground today. Not quite a record but pretty good.
It also goes under the name Trailing African Daisy and the technical term is Osteospermum.
The light was pretty bad and doesn't really do them justice. They are bright white with blue centers and the underside of the petals are blue gray.

Photo by Starhawk - All Rights Reserved

Update: I thought it could look better so here is a close up.

Photo by Starhawk - All Rights Reserved

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Video Spotlight

Both Glenn and Roger have posts talking about their various new TV's.
While the new TV I posted about here is not as sexy as the flat panels they are talking about I have to say I am more than happy with my HDTV even though I have not gotten the HD tuner for it yet.

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March 05, 2005


One of our local talk radio stations KSEV, last year, decided to go into print online with what they call an alternative to the Houston Cronicle primarily because they were mad at the Cronicle for a number of things and there is no alternatve to the Cron's very liberal point of view in Houston.
The online rag,now called the Lone Star Times, (you don't even want to know what their original name was, trust me) has evolved and they now refer to it as a blog, which it is since they are using blogging software and also because now all of a sudden these people who probably didn't know the word two years ago think it is cool to be a Blog.

I think it is great thet is is now thought cool to be a Blog but I digress.

Yesterday they did something really cool. The put up this post where they offered:

While we still need to talk to some sharp lawyers and nail down the details, if these restrictions come to pass, KSEV and LST are committed to working out a legally sound way in which individual bloggers– of every ideological persuasion and partisan affiliation– can somehow register with us and be credentialed as a press representative of KSEV and LST.

Like I said a very cool idea.

Well Glenn at the big blog caught wind of this and threw them a link which made their hits go through the roof, something we all know fondly as an Instalance.

I was listening to them gush about it on the radio coming home from work last night and the breathless wonder they expressed on the air suggested the title of this post.

Welcome to the real blogosphere boys.

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March 01, 2005

Strange Stuff at Google

Every once in a while I go google Starhawk to see where I am. I pretty much have not moved for about a year being the second to fourth starhawk listed.
All of a sudden about two weeks ago I dropped off the front page entirely and the next ten also for that matter.
I sent google a note and they sent me back a reply that I should try googling and see if I was still listed. I did come up but then I tried some other things.
I put in Starhawk+roses , almost nothing then,
starhawk+high hopes (a recent post) again I didn't show on the first ten or so pages ,very odd.
For comparison I went to Yahoo and did the same searches where I came in the top three results.
Then to Alta Vitsa where I put in the same searches, once again I was in the first page on both search engines but almost not on google at all. On google in fact my old blogspot site came in long before anything on
I sent these results to google and asked them to try it. Once again I pretty much got a run around however today when I googled starhawk I was once again where I used to be.

Very strange.

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