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April 02, 2006

A good Dog gone

We moved into our house in Jan 1997. A few days before that I kept my promise to my daughter and got her the puppy we told her she could get when we moved into a house.

I also got myself one since I thought hers would need a playmate. It worked out pretty well except hers, who was the runt of the litter, was too danged smart. The kid named her Silver and she was an escape artist of the highest order and much too smart

The first thing my daughter taught her was how to climb the steps tp the second floor. Late at night after that lesson had been learned my daughter groggily stumbled into out room complaining that the dogs wouldn't let her go to sleep. My dog didn't want to be separated from het but could yet get to the second floor.

She was also the ringleader and led my dog into lots of adventures whenever she could figure out how to escape. It did make it somewhat easier when going after them since once I grabbed a hold of her Shadow, my dog, would follow along back to the kennel would no problem.

Just a few days ago even sick she found a new way to break out of the kennel.

Silver passed away yesterday. She had been sick and we were giving her shots and others things but when we checked on her in the morning she was gone. She was not in any pain which at least was good.

Shadow misses her very much and in spite of all the trouble she was so do I.

This is a picture of her from 2001 which is how I will always remember her.


RIP Silver.

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