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August 31, 2006

More Damage

In line with my theme for this year I stepped out of the house this morning in the dark pre dawn to ealk mt daughter to the bus stop, tripped over a hose and fell down onto my front walk.
I ruined a pair of fairly new pants, bloodied my knew and jammed my hand pretty hard breaking my fall.

I wish this year was over already I have not been this beat up in my entire life.

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August 23, 2006

The Wee small hours

I start my new job in the morning well later this morning actually.

I am wide awake listening to Carly Simon sing, "In the Wee Small hours of the morning".

It is my doctors fault. I went into him today because I have had a sore throat for the last few days. He decided I needed a steriod shot, just like the one he gave me a year ago when I was having breathing problems.

It worked wonders until as I was in bed at midnight wide awake when I remembered that last year I was not able to sleep at all after he gave me a shot last year. Joy.

I got up and had two ice cream bars, no luck, a shot of JD, well maybe I well go back for another after I post this.

When I was much younger I recall I never slept before starting a new job. I hope I get a few hours since what I am doing now requires a lot more alertness then flipping burgers.


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August 22, 2006

Bronx Bombers Rule !!!

I have not had this much fun following a Yankee-Red Sox Series since 1978.

The Yanks did what no one thought they could do and swept the Sox.

I remember that series in 1978

It was 28 years ago that the Yankees came to Fenway in September with a four-game deficit and left tied for the division lead -- a series remembered in baseball as the "Boston Massacre." New York, which had trailed by as many as 14 games, won the AL East in a one-game playoff settled when Bucky Dent's popup settled into the net above the Green Monster.

My best friend who for some unknown reason is a Sox fan calling me during that 163rd game and all he could say in tones of pure astonishment was "Bucky Dent"

Now all they have to do is not roll over dead during the next 5 weeks and the penant is in the bag. With any luck that will lead to a subway series. I think though this might be the Mets year but I will never count the Yanks out.

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Close but no Cigar

Update: I guess I should have saved this title for Fidel but since I used it on the Deadpool site already I will have to go with it here.

Rounding out my list of people who I am keeping alive is the former Prime Minister of Israel.

I have a feeling that if he were in charge things would have gone a lot harder on the Hezbo's then they did under Olmert.

I suspect that even though he is not awake something got through to him to worsen his condition. Probably it was the news of the cease (barf)fire.

Of course such is the magic of my picks the even in this severe case he is now said to be stable

If you don't think that is a feat read this blurb from the above article.

Tel Aviv's Chaim Sheba Medical Center said Monday that new tests had revealed deterioration in Sharon's brain function and infection in both lungs. His urine output had also decreased significantly and doctors were treating him with broad-spectrum antibiotics and steroids, the hospital said at the time.

Chances are these three will all die this year but being that I picked them maybe not.

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Fidel coming back

Next on my list of people I am keeping alive though I hate to admit it is Fidel Castro who has handed off power to his brother but is now recovering.

The specifics of Castro's ailment and the nature of the surgery he underwent have been treated as a state secret. The leader blamed his heavy work and travel schedule for causing sustained intestinal bleeding, which prompted the need for emergency surgery.

I really really wish this one would die, sigh.

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President Ford still going

I have often said that being one of my picks is the best health care anyone can get.
To prove my point lets look at some of my picks, very shaky, but still very much with us.

First there is President Gerald Ford getting a pacemaker but still alive at age 93.

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August 15, 2006

Is it New Yorkers or only some

I read this article today which was about Sen. Lieberman but the following paragraph really pissed me off.

As a New Yorker, where overt displays of patriotism are generally frowned upon, I was both a little uncomfortable with the video and curious as to the crowds reaction. I half expected to hear boos.

He goes on to say that the opposite was the case at least at San Diego's Seaworld but that paragraph really bugged me.

As someone who grew up in and lived in NYC for many years I don't believe that overt displays of patriotism are frowned on, well maybe they are in the circles that Mr. Cox floats in but that is no reason for him to tar the millions of hard working New Yorkers which the tag of being anti american. Maybe he should get his elite head out of his ass and wave a flag from time to time. He has plenty of reason to.

If he needs to find something to write about I suggest that he focuses on the large hole in downtown that to my mind should have been replaced with a growing new World Trade Center years ago. The fact that they have not is a disgrace to the memories of all that died there.

I decided to do a search on WTC rebuild after I posted this just to make sure there is still a hole there since I have not been back to NYC this year and sure enough there still is. It even managed to crash firefox when I looked at it. I was surprised that this web site was the third match which while flatering tells me just how little has been done yet.

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