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May 21, 2007

reading room

I have been busy reading Bill Whittle's new essay. As always this ia a semi major job so go check it out.

Speaking of other bloggers and on a related note the legendary Rachel Lucas is blogging again so I had to reset my blogroll to her old URL. I knew what I was doing by not deleting her entry. Go check her out too.

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May 14, 2007

oni con 2006 part b

While I was looking at voice actors what the kid was interested in was Cosplay.
I had never heard of Cosplay but if you are like me it is just dressing up in the costumes of your favorite character and playing the part.
Some of the costumes were quite good.







This was the third Oni con and we have been to them all.
Lots of fun was had by all.

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Oni Con 2006

Well since this Flickr thing seems to be working I guess I will try some a little bigger. These shots are from the Oni-Con in Houston last October that the kid got me to take her to. I looked around a lot an went to the sessions where the voice actors where since I spent some time doing acting when I was younger.
I don't quite remember all of them but this one is Johnny Bosch who you might remember from the fist power rangers but who I recall more as the voice of Vash the Stampede.


Here are some of the picture of the other voice actors that were there.





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New puppy

Ever since our dog Silver passed away my dog Shadow has been pretty lonely. We have been looking for a new pup to keep him company and finally found one two weeks ago.
Introducing the new member of our family Blaze.


Yes there is a little bit of white on his tail but his name is from the large white spot on his chest which I will show in a later picture.

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