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November 23, 2007

Good Video Advice

Continuing what looks like a theme today is this post from Glenn and while I am too poor to get an HD Camcorder like he has the advice of lighting is spot on.

I recommend -- pretty much no matter what camera you have -- that you get one of those little fill lights. We have one for the Canon, too, and it also makes a surprising difference in video quality, and in how people look.

He also makes a comment about sounds I agree with. When it comes to video sound and lighting are the two most important things anyone can do to improve their product. Content on the other hand is a way different topic and not everyone can produce good content.

Now as far as I go I don't really think I look good on camera thought I might do some shooting outside with my little Sony mini DV handiCam at some point.
It is more likely I would do some podcasting since I have been thinking about it for awhile now but we shall see, I still have to edit about 20 hours of audio from the TechFest so that it can be posted online. Since I won't have fast internet in NY I might get around to it then

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Not everyone can do everything

One of the bloggers I still check out from time to time is Ann Althouse and while I like her writting and even her pictures from time to time I have to take exception with her latest vlog entry.
Ann please stick with what you are good at because this isn't it.

Now I will try to be nice since I have the benefit of spending last year as a producer for the local Public Access Station learning the trade but this was just so bad in so many ways that I had to say something.
First sound, yes I know this is video but sound is very important and while it is clear the volume is awful even after I turned it up all the way.

Next framing. What is with this plant? Is the vlog about a plant or you? Much too much plant in this picture. Ok flowers but the principal is the same,

Props: It seems you have a problem with keeping your hands still but sniffing the bloom all the time is a little too far, unless of course you have some illegal substance on it but since Ann is a lawyer I doubt that. What really got me to write this is when she stuck the flower in her eye. Ann please , Steve Martin you are not.

I will say the she at least did a decent job on the lighting which is one of the more important aspects of video so at least she got something right.

For a better example try this vlog which was on the sidebar of where Ann's was on you tube. I am not really into rings in lips but she got the sounds right and she know when the bring in props and when to get rid of them. She is also honest enough to label here video as "pretty much rambling nonsense"

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Everytime I say I am going to start blogging regularly again I mean it, I really do. There is just so much going on that it never gets to the top of my list which why why I am in awe of people like Glenn who manage to do so much in their day jobs and are still organized enough to keep up with their blog.

I never even got around to blogging about my experiences at ONI-Con this year. I will and eventuall I will even post the pictures to flikr. I did it a little different since I was bored last year I decided to get more involved and was part of the Security Safety detail this year.

We will get to the Ren Fest on Saturday at least so I can try and sell all those extra tickets. Then off to NYC for a few days to see old friends and relatives. I will try to blog more when I get back. Really I will.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Was a great Thanksgiving, in some ways, food was great,, I learned a new way to carve a Turkey from this link which I got from the usual place (HT:Glenn).
We had way too much food so it was important to strip the whole bird which we did.
We expected the Step Son and family, including three grandkids , two fo which we have never met. They showed up but had to leave due to job related problems the same day which left us with a 23 lb bird and 5 extra tickets to the Ren Fest which we were going to take them to Saturday. Nothing like driving 20 hours turning around and driving right back but that is part of a long story the plus side of which is the the SS is a lot stronger than I was at that age and everyone made it back inone piece.

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