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March 29, 2008

New computer - finally

I got a new computer in Feb. finally.
I ended up with the Dell 530s and while it is not exatly everything I wanted it is pretty close.

I added the top end Graphics card that they offered and upped the Ram to 3gb as well as getting a better CPU than the original base. All that and still under $1,000.

I added the monitor to my existing monitor so now I have a two monitor setup.
The only downside is that when I had set both to the hghest resolution they had I found I could not read the screen (really hate the effects of getting old sometimes). I labored with it for a while but just this morning bit the bullet and reset down to 1280 by 1024 and it is much easier on my eyes while still being better than my old computers.

Both monitors are wide screen with my old one being an LG 19" and the new bring a DEll 20"

I still have some software to load like all my old Turbo tax files (have to do that very very soon) but this should work very well.

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state convention

Today is the state conventions and I will be attending if I can find it.
I went to one years ago and it was a very interesting experience in grassroots politics.
I will try and get some pictures also.

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catching up

A lot has been going on since my last post some good a little not so good.
I will try to catch up but it might take a fw days.
I do have some new plants and trees but the pictures may take a little longer to get posted.

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