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July 06, 2008

Movie Nausea

Took the family to see Wall e yesterday.
Cute movie but the theater was packed which put us in the second row and all the herky jerky action of the movie started to get to me at about the half way point.
I had to bail out and on the way back from the men's room (no I didn't get sick, just needed some air and a break so I took care of other business too) I saw a single seat near the exit and grabbed it.
That was much better though at parts I still had to look away. The BW however got concerned and started searching for me. I am not sure why she didn't use her cell phone but that is her.

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Belated Birthday

I meant to post on the blogs birthday but I have forgotten even that and now things are going to start to get real busy.
Maybe I will blog more because I will have more to say but less time to say it.
Who knows.
Anyway on June 21,2002 I started this blog which makes it (counting fingers) six years old now. Not as old as some but a lot older then others and things have changed a lot since then.

At least I now have a spell check add-in on Firefox so I should not have to go over and repost as much as I once did to fix spellings errors.

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