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November 26, 2008

Pardons for Turkeys

I think this entire practice is one of the stupidest things I have ever heard of.

One of the few reasons I could ever think about being President would be to not pardon the Dumb Turkey.

I will have to research this dumb practice and report back on how and why it started but I could not wait any longer.

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November 23, 2008

Ohio State 42 Mich. 7

All is right with the world tonight. OSU beat Mich. for the 5th year in a row.

It would be nice is we had an undefeated season.

It would be nice if MSU had beaten Penn state.

You can't have everything so at least we are thankful that we got the important things right.

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November 14, 2008

Second Life as Real as

As I may or may not have told you I have been spending a lot of time this year in Second Life. Though my friends at work continue to tempt me with WOW stories I know what that is like and I am not quite ready to give up that much of my life again as I did years ago with Mega Wars 3.

Instead I found my niche as a DJ on SL but that is a story for another time as this post focuses on this story of sex and infidelity.

Two people met and fell in love online, it happens all the time has been happening in fact since the days of Compuserve's CB (there is an oldies reference for you) but in a graphical world things are much more realistic.

Amy Taylor, 28, met her husband David Pollard within the game in May 2003, and six months later, she moved into his home in Cornwall, southwest England.

The couple married in July 2005, while their "Second Life" avatars Dave Barmy and Laura Skye -- younger, slimmer versions of their real-life selves -- also held an online ceremony for their virtual friends.

After a rare break from the computer, however, Taylor returned to find her 40-year-old husband in an intimate, albeit virtual, position with an online prostitute within "Second Life", which she said was the "ultimate betrayal".

"I was so hurt," she was quoted as saying in The Times, adding that theirs was a "very serious marriage".

I have to point out at this point that the simulation in Second Life is really first rate and that when some of these dancers dance they look really good and realistic. I online sort of way. But the way the Avatar's move is really astounding.

Oddly enough or perhaps not things progress from here pretty much the way they do in real life.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Taylor claims that Pollard is now engaged to the woman he was having an online tryst with, despite never having met her.

She has, meanwhile, found a new love, through fantasy online role-playing game "World of Warcraft".

I could say something about how some people never learn but lets face it love is blind and it is the one thing that there is just not enough of so we should not be surprised that people keep looking for it where ever they can.

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November 09, 2008

More Progress

Since Sept 24. when one of the trees that fell landed across the front path to my house splitting two smaller trees and demolishing two arbors we have been unable to use the front path.
Today we finally cut free the last arbor and can now enter and exit the house the correct way again.

Funny thing is I started to go around automatically when I came back from the store today a little after we had finished.

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November 06, 2008

Last word on the Election

It is over at last.

I was listening to Rush today and he thinks that Obama is going to ride over congress to get what he wants. Sorry Rush but I don't see it.

As much as I would like him to be successful (for the good of the country) I think he is going to end up as Jimmy Carter redux. Congress is going to do whatever it wants even if he is not on board with it.

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