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April 29, 2009

Blog Pr and Megan Fox

Glenn states:

I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE USE hot babe pics to boost traffic. Itís just so cheap and tawdry.

Of course in that there is a link to this site with these pictures of Megan Fox.

I think he doth protest too much.
And she is pretty hot, as you can see.




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April 18, 2009


On my recent trip to NYC (pictures will follow, at some point) I had my first changes to really use the Kindle.
Two things:
I reread a complete older David Weber novel and am currently read the The Long Goodbye which I never read. I love it. It works fine and being able to alter the type size is great for my bad vision.

On the way in I noticed a person next to me read from his also and on the plane back I saw two more. At least one of those was the newer Kindle while I have the older one but it says good things that these are showing up in public so much.

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