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July 19, 2009

good idea gone bad

There has been a lot of talk about problems with the Kindle once it was discovered that amazon could delete books remotly that you had paid for.

Glenn has several post about it too.

They are refering to it as a good product shooting itself in the foot.

I thing I can add to that with Firefox since my browser of choice has developed a very bad memory leak.
This seems to have something to do with applications run from facebook or myspace (yes I play those).

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July 05, 2009

Seven year and counting

I missed marking the date (June 21) with a post but Iwill toot my own horn a little since I am still here and somewhat posting after seven years,

I lot of the blogs I looked at and inspired me have moved on a shut their doors but I guess that is life.

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New camera

By the way I bought a new camera for my birthday and have been using it a lot. It has some things I don't like lack the lack of a viewfinder but for what I bought it for it works fine.
It is a Nikon Coolpix L20 10MP.

I wanted something small that I could carry around easily and uses AA batteries and this fits the bill fine. I paid a little more to get it at Best Buy than I could have at Amazon but I had a BB gift card that had been burning ahole in my pocket for way too long.

I bought a case from Amazon for $12 and a 4GB class 6 Sd card for another $10, also from Amazon and it works great.

IT doesn't take closeups quite as well as the Canon does but as you can see from the picture it is not too bad.

My next purchase probably next year will finally be a digiatal SLR, if I can afford it. Being as I used a Pentax for 30 years before I got my first digital it has been hard not having an SLR but the way prices keep coming down I should be able to afford one soon. I might even be able to afford a lens for it :).

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Texas Star Hibiscus

It has been too long since I posted some garden pictures but I do have a few from this year before the heat wave turned most things into dust.
These are from the red Star Hibiscus. I have a white one too that I will show in a later post.

Red Texas Star Hibicus

Red Texas Star Hibicus

the plant itself is about 5 or 6 feet tall right now.

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July 04, 2009

Today in History


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