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June 27, 2012

Blog Birthday

Well actually it was June 21, 2002 so I missed it somewhat. Better late than never.

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I was going through a few old posts and I came on one written about the death of Blogger Rob Smith who passed away 6 years ago yesterday.

A lot had changed since then and in some ways nothing has changed, life is still too short.

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Somewhat busy

Pretty snowed under with planning for this year's a< href="">Houston Techfest at the moment so I would say I will not be posting much but since I have not been posting much that doesn't make sense does it?

Somehow the busier I get the more I make time to do other things, odd.

Should be a great show this year.

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That is the title of a good post over at Sarah Hoyt's blog.

I like these words to live by

It still feels like we’re overdoing it, and we go about sheepishly, with a suspicion we’re being dramatic. On the other hand overplanning is survivable. Under planning isn’t.

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