Freedom Lives

June 12, 2004

Busy few Days

Been really busy the last few days.
On top of everything else that was going on the wife had some chest pains and spent Thursday night as a guest of the local hospital.
She was surprised when she went into the ER on Thursday that they wanted to keep her but better safe I guess.
I managed to spring her yesterday. They had taken all the tests they needed but were dragging their feet since I think they wanted her to stay another night to help pay off the new wing.

Today we went to see the new Harry Potter. Great fun.

She must be thinking about health in general since both she and my daughter refused to let me visit the cheesecake factory.

I am still taking the antibiotics but it doesn't hurt like it did last week so I have decided to save the rest of the Vics.

Two days to root canal. Two more days on the old job.

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