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March 12, 2004

The Number 11

Let's see 9/11 for us and 3/11 for Spain.
Do you think there is something in the quran about the number 11?

I like this post from Andrew Sullivan about the change in the french press after yesterday's bombing.

My french was rusty so I had to look up enfin which Google translated as finally.
My own translation would be "it's about f'ing time".

Update: Eric thinks there may be something in those numbers, more than even I thought. 3/11 was 911 days after 9/11, sheesh.
link via Glenn.

Update: Jeff quotes some who says that it is exactly 912 days not 911.
I could figure this out for myself but after this week I am lucky I have the strength to read other blogs.
One day I will be able to say how my current contract is related to Homeland security but for now all I can say is that is was easier programming when all I had to worry about was getting the correct number of widgets somewhere when they were supposed to get there.

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