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March 10, 2004

Unfair Trade

A lot of people thought it would be a great idea to let China into the WTO. I was not fully sold on the idea and now it turns out that they really do not want to trade fairly.
The subject here is Wifi technology. China want to put a standard in place that only applies to China and is fully under the control of Chinese companies only.
The US companies are up in arms and rightly so since they fear that they will be putting their secrets in the hands of untrustworthy firms.

U.S. chip makers including Broadcom Corp (nasdaq: BRCM - news - people) have complained that China's rules could force them to share proprietary and sensitive materials with Chinese firms, imperilling their intellectual property.

Intel is joining the protest but they are in a bad situation.

China is Intel's biggest market after the United States, and the company is investing nearly $1 billion in two Chinese chip plants to demonstrate its commitment to the market.

What was that quote about dealing with the devil?

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