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June 16, 2003

Odds and Ends I called

Odds and Ends
I called my mother and told her to buy a mega-millions ticket. If that is not getting desperate what is.
My daughter agreed to feed the cats of a friend of hers who lives in the subdivision. They have lots of cats both indoors and out. I took her over there to get a run down on what she had to do, at which point we found out that not only did they have cats but a bird, a couple of fish, 5 chickens, 2 pigs and a turkey. I thought our 4 dogs and 2 cats was bad, it only shows how wrong you can be,
I have this product called liquid fence that I bought in order to deter the deer and other varmints from munching on the roses. I sprayed it on everything so of course it rained. I sprayed the next day and it rained again. The weather report says we will actually have rain for the next few days so I stopped spraying. The rain should be good for the roses as long as they don't get eaten.
I went shopping at Lowes today and didn't buy anything. I found out I could replace my entire garage door for $340 installed. I was quoted over $200 to fix the old one. Another $200 will buy me a new opener also installed. For a nifty $1100 I can buy a new ridding mower which certainly seems to make more sense than fixing the old John Deere for $800. I wish I was working because this all would make more sense in that context.
I called an electrical contractor about replacing a outlet that is shorting and was quoted $100. The local paper gave me the number of a handy man who will be here day after tomorrow to fix it for $35.
The kid stayed up last night or so she told me. She said she gave up trying to get to sleep at 4:30. She is so much like me sometimes it is scary.

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