Freedom Lives

June 22, 2003

Blogshares One of these days

One of these days I will figure out this Blogshares games, but not today. I was over reading Laurence's site where he was offering to give away shares in Amish so I decided to spend some time figuring it out.I have been interested in the market since I was a kid but this still makes little sense to me. Eventually since there were no shares available in Freedom Lives I issued 2,000 more at the current price of $39 to see what would happen. What happened was someone bought the shares very shortly after I issued them and now the price is over $100. Not bad since I bought mine at 0.40 but I can't figure out how it is supposed to work.
In a real market when you increase your outstanding shares by 40% the price should go down not triple. I wish my IRA's would do that.

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