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June 24, 2003

At some point this will

At some point this will have a picture but my ftp site is not being cooperative for a change.
Gratuitous Garden Pic
This is a picture I took this morning of the Eutin in my main rose bed in the backyard. We bought this last year from Chamblee's which has given us some great roses mail order in the last few years. It doesn't have any fragrance but sure looks good at times like this and is a repeat bloomer. We had some trouble with this entire bed last year but over the winter the wife had a great idea about covering the entire bed in deer netting. So far it is working pretty well. The plant is supposed to get only 3 feet high which means it is now about a big as it will get. It was introduced in 1940 by Kordes, a well known German rose hybridizer.

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