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June 27, 2003

Guns and things I had

Guns and things
I had one of my monthly computer user group meetings today so I didn't get back home till quite late.
Prior to that I stopped at the head hunter who asked me to come down and fill out some forms only to find out that the final decision on this position would not be made until Friday.
I had some time to kill (pun intended) between the two so I exited the parking lot we refer to as the Katy freeway and stopped by a gun shop for about 45 minutes. So much to see and such a hard choice to make. I think I know what I want to get for a carry gun but they didn't have it in black which is what I want. I know they make them in black because my local pawn shop had a black one. I have not been getting used things (like cars) for a while but guns seem bit different so I might reconsider.

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