Freedom Lives

August 09, 2003

Bridge too Far

Having now gotten a working MT blog and all my links I am going a step further and trying to get a tool named Zempt to work. Zempt was suggested by Joni who is having connectivity problems this weekend. So far the only problem seems to be that I can't update categories unless I go to MT. If this can be doen from within Zempt, someone please let me know.
The one great thing Zempt has that I need is a spell checker.
I am sure it has a lot more but I can't speel worth a shit.
Never could and probably never will.
That will come as no surprise to anyone who has ever read comments that I have posted. I wish comments had spell checking.

Update: Nothing ever works the way you hope it will. That must be one of Murphy's laws. In the sentence above I spelled posted as psoted and the spell checker didn't catch it.
Update: when I spell checked again it caught the error in the update but still didn't correct the original.

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