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August 14, 2003

Good and Bad on the Blackout

In 1965 when I was living in NYC and again in 1977 when I was still living in Chicago the people of New York suffered. The whole northeast suffered.
We were told both times that measures were being taken that would prevent this from happening again.
Well here we are 26 years later and again a massive, region wide blackout.
It is ridiculous that these companies who collect billions of dollars cannot get their act together to prevent the whole system from caving like it is now.
This is exactly the sort of thing that the systems that we were told were being put in place should have prevented.
The good news is that it is not a terror attack and maybe now there will be changes put into effect that will really prevent a massive region wide power outage as is currently going on.
I hope so for next time it might be something more serious.

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