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August 30, 2003

Always at the worst time

As if things were not bad enough being out of work extra expenses always seem to appear at times like this.
To recap how my summer has gone.
Drove riding mower over a root, more to fix than a new one costs.
Garage door opener dies.
Garage door dies.
Wireless router dies.
Spare computer dies (at least that was still on warranty).
Wife's Imac dying, slowly.
Car not feeling too good.
Dog needs to go to the vet.
Gutter in the front of the house falls off.
Gutter in the back of the house falls off.
Large tree looks to be dead.
Flowering Peach Dies (One of the wife's favorites).

Now today as I was clearing some high grass with the brush trimmer my father-in-law was nice enough to buy me last year the dang thing falls apart.

Now that I listed all that stuff and see it in one place, I am sorry I did. How depressing.

[Listening to: Queen of the Highway - The Doors ]

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