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August 31, 2003


If you read Meryl's blog during blogathon you would have seen a guest post by me pretty early in the morning. I will post it here sometime in the future.
The post was about my life or at least part of it and some of the choices I made along the way to get to where I am today.
Part of it was about my love of acting and how if I really could choose anything that is what I want to be doing.
I noticed not too long ago that there was a local playhouse in the area that put on shows pretty regularly and had open auditions.
I decided to go to one of those auditions tonight. I won't know how I did until tomorrow when we all have to go back but I am glad I went. Wish me luck.

[Listening to: Don't Stop Me Now - Queen]

The playhouse is not badly put together and they have been in business for a while so it does have a reputation in the area. They have two theaters, a main stage and a children's theater.
The main theater seats about 200, I guess, I was a little distracted and didn't want to count seats but I will at some point if I get cast.
Auditions are stressful. Acting itself is pretty stressful but going to open auditions is the worst. You never really know how you are doing. Even it you are doing well the director might just think that you are not right for the part, that is the way things go.
Everyone sits in the audience while the director and asst. director sit at a little table right in front of the stage.
First they asked two of the men to read from the play.
Most plays for some reason are printed in pamphlets about 6 or 7 inches high.
After that they asked myself and another man to go on stage and read the same two parts.
Then they had the women read. First two then another two.
Then three at once. Then they had them switch parts seeing how different women read different parts. Then switch again.
Then they had three of the women read the same monologue.
I was quietly observing but all the while jittery.
I find the best way to get through times like this is assume the worst.
Finally they called me to get up and read again. Then I read the same scene but switched roles. Then I read another scene. Then I read that scene over but switched roles.
Then they ended and asked all of us to come back tomorrow for some more readings at which time they will cast the play.
It is a Neil Simon play by the way.

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