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September 01, 2003

Remembering the World Trade Center

Last May I had to go to NYC on family business. One of the things I wanted to do on this trip, which was my first to NY since 9/11, was visit the WTC site.
I will post the photos I took then between now and 9/11 and put them together in one document.
The WTC and I go way back. I remember when it was proposed. How almost everyone thought they were ugly buildings. How the adjacent sidewalk collapsed during excavation. How we took my mother to Windows on the World for mother's day once.
Almost every time I went there I got there the same way. I worked several jobs in the downtown area, one for six years just blocks from the WTC. I always ended up on the E Train. WTC was the last stop on the E. From the subway there was a direct entrance to the mall area underneath the trade center.
This is what it looked like last May.


You used to be able to pass through this entrance, make a right turn and you would be in a vast underground area filled with shops, restaurants, banks and a vast bank of escalators that went further underground where you could take a PATH train to New Jersey.
There was a Schwab office there where I opened my first account. Old men used to come in watch the stock ticker and line up at the quote machines to follow their stocks.
The mall area was on the same level as the ground floor of the two towers and you could enter directly in the towers from the bank of revolving doors that spanned the entire length of the buildings.

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