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January 09, 2005

Top DVD of the Year

According to Amazon the winner is Return of the King -Platinum Series Special Extended Edition(try saying that 3 times fast), which by a happy coincidence was under the tree with my name on it Christmas morning.

I have been spending this weekend looking through it. Some of the stuff they had to leave out is wonderful and I am not even half way through it. There are 4 separate commentaries by difference groups (actors, directors ect.) and if you add that up it is a lot of movie but it sure looks great on my new TV which was my big present.

The scene in front of Isenguard at the start was one that I knew was obviously missing when I saw it at the theater and Christopher Lee is great in it.

The problem is that now I will have to go out and buy the first two movies in the extended edition also.

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