Freedom Lives

September 23, 2005

Still Dry

I was just outside and it was pretty nice and then a very large gust of wind came up. The sky is a very nice shade of very dark red.

I came in and looked at TV for a bit. The rain line is just east of us so I should be getting wet shortly.

Other than that I am browsing the web to learn about podcasting which seems all the rage now but as far as I can tell it is just mp3 files. I have had mp3 files online for years. Just go to this link at my annex to hear some of history's greatest and worst soundbites.

I asked the kid, who is in the den on her computer if she was listening to the news on the TV which is in there. She said no she is not worried. I guess that is a reflection of my outward calm but I suspect that after this passes she will have a much greater respect for the forces of nature.

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