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January 26, 2006

Diana Ross

Diana Ross as some of you may recall was originally part of a group called the Supremes.
The Supremes were one of the blockbuster Motown groups of the 60's.
Eventually Diana became too big and the group became Diana Ross and The Supremes. Then she became even bigger and dropped the other two girls altogether.
I am betting that this year will be Diana's last.

There are still groups who call themselves the Supremes even though they have none of the original members.

One of those original members, Mary Wilson, is fighting them though the courts and with the lawmakers as detailed in this article.

I am all in favor of this. Diana however doe not seem to be part of this.
Diana's career seems to be pretty much in the toilet as she has not done much of anything since 1999 or if you feel like I do has not done anything much since Lady sings the Blues in 1972. In that movie she played Billie Holiday. Billie died young and at 62 Diana is proving a bit stronger but I think this may be her year.

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