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August 13, 2003

Good News - Bad News

Good news - I got calls from two different headhunters today
Bad News - They both called about the same job.
Good News - At least I got a call.

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August 09, 2003

Salary Requirement

I got an email yesterday from someone who had seen my resume online and thought I would be a good match for this position he had.
He wanted to know what my salary requirement was.
I hate this question.
If so say too much you may price yourself out of a job, which in the present market I don't want to do.
If you say too little you could end up shortchanging yourself?

How do other people handle this question?

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August 03, 2003

New Webring

Thanks to a heads up from Lair even though it is one I would probably not be in.
You can find it on the right sidebar (only sidebar).
It is for unemployed Bloggers.
This is one Webring I hope to be able to get off of, the sooner the better.
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August 01, 2003

Still Job Hunting 2

According to my headhunter these people have still not decided and they want the person to start Monday. Unbelievable.
Also out of work are Vicki and the Roverpundit. Bloggers and technical people in general are being hit hard during this downturn.
This could have its root cause in outsourcing.
Link via Glenn

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Still Job Hunting

I finally had my tech interview over the phone yesterday and I am supposed to find out today. No one has called yet so I am assuming the worst.

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July 31, 2003

Job Hunting

Job Hunting
I had a call Monday from a headhunter about a job I was submitted for in Dallas.
Originally they wanted someone to start on the 27th.
I was told they were running behind (no kidding), but they wanted to know if I could start on the 4th IF I was selected.
I said yes.
The client has not said anything since and there are only 2 days left in the week.
I hate people who are not professional.

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