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June 15, 2003

Iran Things are happening in

Things are happening in Iran pretty much the way I predicted many months ago (no I don't have a link to it, trust me). Leaders in Iran are blaming the US for stirring up the protests. I have no doubt that we do have covert operations ongoing in Iran, if we don't the CIA is even more useless that many think. If the mullahs and their regime was liked however nothing we or anyone else could say or do would make any difference.
As I predicted the mullahs and their followers have started to beat protesters, which will not work. At some point very soon there is going to be a blowup and a few (hopefully) or many Iranians will end up dead. This will trigger bigger and more violent protests that could lead to bringing the government down. Someone over there understands this because some of the radicals that had invaded the college dorms have been arrested. If they are able to keep the violence level down and let the protesters let off some steam things might blow over for a while. If people start getting killed we are going to start hearing calls for the US to intervene, ok not the US but the UN certainly.
In the end Iran's terror regime will fall, two down one to go.

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