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July 27, 2003

Back to normal

I got three hours sleep this morning which wasn't enough and I had to lay down later after the planting incident.

The planting incident was where the wife and I went out to plant some passion flower vines we bought last week around two oak trees. Things were going pretty well until as I was bring two bags of mulch over my wife suddenly jumped up and moved about twenty feet from where she was working. She looked at me and said "run". I looked around and didn't see anything to run from so I waited till she walked very quickly over to and past me when I joined her. She was brushing her shirt as we walking and finally enlightened me with one word "bees".
We walked back to the house and directly to our bathroom where she knew I had a stash of Benadryl in case I am attacked by fire ants. It turns out she was stung about 8 times but everything seems ok. We went back out an hour later and though we can't see the hive we think it is about 30 or 40 feet up a tree behind a dead branch.
That finished our planting for the day and the Benadryl made her sleepy. Since she was laying down I lay down also and woke myself an hour or so later not knowing exactly where or when I was. That is my typical reaction when I take mid day naps like this.
I tried to impress on her that if she had appended the word "Bees" to the word "Run" I would have reacted faster. For some reason she didn't appreciate this advice.

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