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July 28, 2003

Thanks for the Memories Bob

Thanks for the Memories
Bob Hope died today at the age of 100. He mastered every entertainment medium he went into. He spent decades giving up his Christmas vacation to entertain troops overseas often in dangerous spots that a lot of today's prima donnas wouldn't dream of going near.
His 1966 Christmas show from Vietnam was watched by 65 million people, the largest audience of his career.
He was one of the best hosts the Oscars ever had.
He was a master ad libber.
He was a gentleman.
Since I still can't get to my ftp site I can't post this mp3 but I will try to make it available somewhere.

Listening To: Thanks for the Memory - Bob Hope & Shirley Ross
More coverage and videos at Fox

Two Hope Mp3's I have

More tributes from Susanna and LT Smash

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