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August 20, 2003

WTC Rebuild Update

The process for choosing final designs for the memorial part of the new trade center inches along.
A total of 937g is being allocated with 100g going to each of the up to eight finalists (new math alert?) that will be selected from over 5200 entries.
The 13 judges are using the latest in high tech to evaluate the entries:

Each jury member places a dot on the memorial design boards he or she likes, and the designs with no dots are excluded from further consideration, the source said.

There are other expenditures detailed in the article.
One wonders why $1 million from the Sept. 11 fund is going to fund a marketing campaign to attract visitors to Chinatown.
This makes very little sense to me, aside from the fact that this is not what the Sept. 11 fund is supposed to be used for, Chinatown does not need a marketing campaign, they can barely fit the people that go down there now.

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