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August 15, 2006

Is it New Yorkers or only some

I read this article today which was about Sen. Lieberman but the following paragraph really pissed me off.

As a New Yorker, where overt displays of patriotism are generally frowned upon, I was both a little uncomfortable with the video and curious as to the crowds reaction. I half expected to hear boos.

He goes on to say that the opposite was the case at least at San Diego's Seaworld but that paragraph really bugged me.

As someone who grew up in and lived in NYC for many years I don't believe that overt displays of patriotism are frowned on, well maybe they are in the circles that Mr. Cox floats in but that is no reason for him to tar the millions of hard working New Yorkers which the tag of being anti american. Maybe he should get his elite head out of his ass and wave a flag from time to time. He has plenty of reason to.

If he needs to find something to write about I suggest that he focuses on the large hole in downtown that to my mind should have been replaced with a growing new World Trade Center years ago. The fact that they have not is a disgrace to the memories of all that died there.

I decided to do a search on WTC rebuild after I posted this just to make sure there is still a hole there since I have not been back to NYC this year and sure enough there still is. It even managed to crash firefox when I looked at it. I was surprised that this web site was the third match which while flatering tells me just how little has been done yet.

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May 09, 2005

Rebuild delayed

While in NYC I hope to be able to go to the WTC site and take some pictures. I was hoping that things would be much advanced from the last time I was there 2 years ago. I think I will be upset given this news which I read the other day.

I hope they will rebuild the WTC in my lifetime but I fear that things are now in the hands of ball-less politicians and bureaucrats.

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August 31, 2003

World Trade Center

Michele finally visted the wtc and posted a photo essay of her visit.
I am not as good as she is with words but I will be posting the pictures I took when I was there in May starting tomorrow through 9/11 and will pull them all together into something coherent at the end. It will be my way of remembering that awful day.

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August 20, 2003

WTC Rebuild Update

The process for choosing final designs for the memorial part of the new trade center inches along.
A total of 937g is being allocated with 100g going to each of the up to eight finalists (new math alert?) that will be selected from over 5200 entries.
The 13 judges are using the latest in high tech to evaluate the entries:

Each jury member places a dot on the memorial design boards he or she likes, and the designs with no dots are excluded from further consideration, the source said.

There are other expenditures detailed in the article.
One wonders why $1 million from the Sept. 11 fund is going to fund a marketing campaign to attract visitors to Chinatown.
This makes very little sense to me, aside from the fact that this is not what the Sept. 11 fund is supposed to be used for, Chinatown does not need a marketing campaign, they can barely fit the people that go down there now.

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June 20, 2003

WTC Rebuild In case you

WTC Rebuild
In case you are wondering if anything is going on the answer is yes.
First they have decided to tear 130 Liberty down because of damage it sustained on 9/11. Actually the damage was fixable but the building is now infested with mold and that is not as easy to fix as brick and mortar.

There is also a little bit of a disagreement as to who will be in charge between Libeskind and the leaseholder Silverstein. There are groups that are rallying around to save Libeskind's vision of how the site should look.
Some of the proposed changes might make it look like this.
Opps ,still can't upload to my ftp site so you will have to go to the story to see the pictures.

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