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January 26, 2005

Is Nothing Sacred

The Boy Scouts have been having problems for several years due to their policy concerning gays but I had no idea how bad things were until I read this article.

When I read the headline on Drudge about scouts inflating membership numbers I wa agast. Why it earth would they do that? The reason of course is money.

The Greater Alabama Council has a strong reputation nationally. In 2002, it received an award for a program that used fishing to bring in new members. The council claimed 10,000 new Scouts that year, and tax forms show it had revenue of $6.5 million, including $100,709 in government grants. In a United Way funding application, the group said it served almost 120,000 youths and adults in 2003.

I was a scout for many years. I was also a scoutmaster for a while and I hope they clean this up because scouting has been to good for too many kids to allow some greedy slobs to ruin it. Especially now when it is under attack they need to clean up their act.

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