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October 03, 2006

Game 1

Yankees 8
Tiger 4

Jeter was amazing going 5 for 5.
Now if only A-rod gets his act together.

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September 05, 2006

Magic number Time

Yes it is time again for magic numbers as the baseball season starts to put to playoff mode.

Even though the Yanks lost tonight their number is 17.

The Mets are down to 11 while Oakland and the Cards are at 19.


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August 22, 2006

Bronx Bombers Rule !!!

I have not had this much fun following a Yankee-Red Sox Series since 1978.

The Yanks did what no one thought they could do and swept the Sox.

I remember that series in 1978

It was 28 years ago that the Yankees came to Fenway in September with a four-game deficit and left tied for the division lead -- a series remembered in baseball as the "Boston Massacre." New York, which had trailed by as many as 14 games, won the AL East in a one-game playoff settled when Bucky Dent's popup settled into the net above the Green Monster.

My best friend who for some unknown reason is a Sox fan calling me during that 163rd game and all he could say in tones of pure astonishment was "Bucky Dent"

Now all they have to do is not roll over dead during the next 5 weeks and the penant is in the bag. With any luck that will lead to a subway series. I think though this might be the Mets year but I will never count the Yanks out.

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October 11, 2005


the Yankess season is over.
I have only one thing to say at this point.
When your back is up against the wall in the 9th inning and there are no outs, a man on first and the highest paid player in baseball at the plate it is reasonable to expect him to not hit into a double play.

A-Rod had a good season but in the post season he has been a big BUST.

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October 19, 2004

Now it gets interesting

Yankees up 3 games to 2
Astros up 3 games to 2

I prefer sweeps myself but if looks like I will get my wish to maybe get series seats this year. My boss wants the Astros to get there but isn't so sure he wants to play the Yankees. I am not so sure I want the Astros to get there as their strong suit is pitching which is where I think the Yankees are weak and in a short series very important.

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October 12, 2004

Astros Advance

The Astros finally nailed the Braves for the first time in their history and moved one step closer to the final confrontation with the Yankees in the World Series.
Of course there are a few speed bumps along the way like the Red Sox and the Cards but I think that neither will be as hard as some people expect. I don't think either series will go past 6 games and maybe only 5.
You heard it first here.

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October 10, 2004

Speaking of Celebrating

The Yankees are celebrating but probably not too much since the upcoming series with Boston promises to be one of the classics.

It was another Yankee come from behind victory with them tying the game with four runs, including Sierra's three run shot, in the eighth. Then on to the 11th where A-rod hit a double, stole third and scored on a wild pitch.

Meanwhile the hometown Astros hope to celebrate today by beating the Braves. Former Yankee Ace (yeah I know he pitched for someother teams) Roger Clemens (who has lied about his age and is really forty nine) will take the mound on three days rest to try and bring Houston its first ever playoff series win. With any other pitcher I would be worried about three days rest but the Rocket is not just any other pitcher. I am still worried just not as much.
This is just another chapter in the career of one of the most remarkable players of my lifetime. If he doesn't stop pitching after this season they may have to change the rules and vote him into the Hall of Fame while he is still active.

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October 07, 2004

Good Day

Yankees - 7
Twins - 6
A real thriller in 12 innings.

In other news:
Astros - 9
Braves - 3

Even my boss asked me yesterday who I would root for if the Yankees and Astros faced out in the World Series. I sort of wimped out but the memories of 40 years as a Yankee fan are too great, not to mention all the jackets and hats I have in the closet.

At this point it might be easier for the Astros to get there than the Yanks.They are the hottest team around and all the breaks are going their way.

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October 06, 2004

And So it starts

Twins - 2
Yankees - 0

Well that could have went better.
I think anytime the pitching keeps the other team to two runs the Yanks should win.
This is not a good sign.

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October 01, 2004

First Step to Title

The Yankees have once again won their division.
Now the hard work starts.
If they can't make it to the series the problem will be the starting pitching.
Keeping my fingers crossed.

Update: The homer that Williams hit to win the game broke the team record for homers set in 1961. If you don't remember 1961 and were not at any of those games, like I was, I will tell you that is was an exceptional season with Maris and Mantle battling to beat Ruth's 60 HR record. No doubt about it this team's offense is awesome and can come from any position but I still wish they had a Whitey Ford.

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August 22, 2003


I know things are going well when I hear someone on TV talk about Boston's position in the race for the wild card.
With yesterday's victory over the Royals the Yankees have run their current win streak to 7 which is just about the number of games they lead the Red Sox by in the division race.
Which is just the way I like it.

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