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October 21, 2008

Paris Sunday Morning

Even though the Left Bank was my objective on Sunday there was still one right bank place on my had to go list. Any true fan of the Doors of which I include myself must stop at pere lachaise when in Paris and visit the grave of Jim Morrision. I was going to just stop there but when I read in the guide book that the other direction of the walking tour was mostly downhill I decided to do the whole thing.


First up was Oscar Wilde. Those are actual kisses that people have placed on his headstone. Don't ask me I don't want to go there.


This is where Edith Piaf is certainly seems to be the most flowered of the graves I saw and according to the guide second most visited to Morrison's


The cemetery is very crowded and built on multiple levels. This is a walkway behind a row of headstones.


This is Molierre's


Jim's place is hard to find as it is tucked in behind a few other headstones. However there were plenty of people there and it was the only gravesite that had metal barricades around it



According to the guide book they did not at first want Jim Morrision buried here until they found out that he was a writer,


This lovely young lady who was probably born ten or more years after he died was observed placing a single red rose on his grave and tearfully leaving. Jim's music lives long after he left us and still affects people to this day.


Jim's grave seemed to have a guardian of sorts who would not leave even though he was being photografed constantly. I guess when you find a sunny spot on a cold day you don't want to give it up.

It looks like I have just about used up my Flickr allocation for this month so I will have to wait until next month to post more pictures of Paris streets.

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