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October 22, 2008

French Servive

I have eaten at the hotel for the last two nights and may continue to do that as I am trying to limit my walking now. Oddly enough my hips and back are in much better shape though my feet are still killing me. I think I have blisters on the balls of both feet.

I was in the restaurant business for 8 years so I have some insight on how things should work. French service, at least in the places I have gone to, is interesting. On one hand I have never felt pressured to hurry up and leave a table no matter how long I sat there and drank or even read a book. On the other hand when I have wanted to get service I have found it hard to get the attention of a waiter. The restaurant I was in in Paris on Sunday night I wanted to buy more wine but finally got up in frustration and left.

This might be because they don't work for tips the same way americans do, I don't know.

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